[Exclusive] JJCC talked to us about ‘Fire’ and another comeback soon?

Have you read our first interview with JJCC back in December? We were lucky to meet them again at their guerrilla concert on the streets of Hongdae where they performed five songs live, which includes At FirstBe Good, Bing Bing Bing, You’re Leaving and Fire. Despite the cold and chilly weather, all the songs were performed live and though performance were on a tarred surface, they still performed fabulously!

Question: You’ve just finished your recent promotion of Fire. Can you explain more on the single?

Prince Mak: It’s a very fun track and we want to show the fans a different side of us. The song is very catchy, a different style which is suitable for us because we are very playful and like to play around a lot.

Eddy: On stage, the atmosphere is different than when the fans see us on TV. We get to portray ourselves naturally and be able to interact with the fans better.

Lead Vocal Eddy

Question: How was the reception from the fans on Fire?

Eddy: It was a mix review, as some said they prefer At First better, while some of them prefers Bing Bing Bing. I think it depends on each persons’ preferences. Now most fans said they like this concept as they can see a cuter side of us.

Prince Mak: With the new song Fire, we noticed a lot of new fans that came to watch us. I am very satisfied with Fire.

Vocalist Prince Mak

Question: How do you feel about the guerrilla show that you presented for the fans?

Eddy: At first, we thought that the reception wouldn’t be very good. But as we started singing, we can see a lot of people coming and enjoying the performance. I think it was quite successful.

Prince Mak: We managed to fill up the space. Fans that were up front had to sit down so that fans at the back could see us. We could even see new faces in the crowd so it made us confident to get new fans after today.

Rapper E.co

Question: For Fire, your image has changed a lot. Who do you think has improved among the group?

E.co: At first, Prince’s image for this comeback looks a bit weird. But after some time, he absorbed the image pretty well.

Question: Plans for a full album?

Prince: We planned for them but we don’t know when it will be realized.

E.co: Before going for a full album, we wanted to try different concepts and different types of music to see which concept will fit us better.

Rapper Sancheong

Question: Any overseas promotion planned in the near future? Malaysia?

Eddy: We’re not really sure about the date yet but we’re going to Japan, Brazil, China and Hong Kong. Its still in a planning stage.

Prince Mak: We would love to go to Malaysia. We’ll try to organise something, so Malaysia please wait for us.


Question: Were there any memorable experience while promoting Fire?

Eddy: For me, I ripped my pants on stage while dancing. I was lucky that nobody noticed, but later I found out that Simba told the fans about my ripped pants. It was a very special and embarrassing moment for me.

Prince Mak: For me, during a broadcast, there was a part where there’s fireworks and it was during my part where I was supposed to look at the camera. The camera was on the floor, and I was trying to get close to the camera and forgot about the fireworks. It could turn out really bad, but thankfully it didn’t. But I felt that it was really hot and I think I burned my eyebrows.

Simba: Also during a broadcast, we arrived quite early around 7 am for a recording at 11 am. So as we were waiting and enjoying some relaxing time, we were told that the schedule has been brought up to an earlier time making us rush to get ready.

Question: Any messages to you fans in Malaysia?

Prince Mak: We really look forward to visiting Malaysia and we’re having another comeback pretty soon. Its gonna be sooner than you guys would think and its another different concept, which I think you guys will love it.

Eddy: We love you and please keep on supporting and rooting for us.

Sancheong: Please wait for us!

Sancheong, E.co, Prince Mak and Simba: We Love You Malaysia!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie Chan Group Korea for the exclusivity of the interview.

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