SNSD and SHINee for the Malaysia Grand Prix After-Race Concert

SNSD Girls Generation Sepang Malaysia

Sepang was painted with pastel rose pink and pearl aqua green last Sunday when 2 popular groups of SM Entertainment, Girls Generation aka. So Nyuh Shi Dae and SHINee were in town as the highlight performers for the 2015 Formula One Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix After-Race Concert.

The overwhelming popularity of both groups saw fans queuing up to get into the Helipad Circuit since morning despite the official starting time slated for 5.30pm. However, it was all worth the wait as the front-row fans got to be really close to the stage. A steal for the concert ticket priced at RM80 (or free entry for ticket holders to the Formula One Race itself).

Despite the bargain, there was no scrouge in terms of performance. Local band, #GTEXPERIMENT kicked things off with a few songs to hype up the crowd, including Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk and Limp Bizkit’s Rolling. Two of their original songs, one being High-drated, were also thrown into the mix. Subsequently, Altimet took the stage too, collaborating alongside #GXPERIMENT.

 SNSD Girls Generation Sepang Malaysia 2

After the opening act, more excitement started to fill the air. Malaysian SONES especially, who came armed with their pink balloons printed with the words “Finally You’re Back”, can be seen holding them up in anticipation of SNSD. SHINee fans were also squealing and chanting along to the songs whenever videos of the lads were being played on the screens.

After what seemed like a long break to wait for the race ticket holders to make their way to the venue, Hitchhiker made his appearance in his metallic costume (he must have been dripping with sweat in that costume!), with his usual, eccentric music and videos. In case you didn’t know, he is actually the composer to numerous K-Pop songs including B.E.G’s Abracadabra, f(x)’s Pinnocchio (Danger) and Super Junior’s A-Cha. He has also done remixes for Seungri for Strong Baby and G-Dragon for Breathe.

Just when it started to get unbearably hot, droplets starting pouring from the skies, as predicted by the local weather forecast. As fans started to open up their umbrellas and put on their raincoats, Hitchiker’s segment also came to an end.

Finally, the introduction video to SNSD came up and the ladies lit up the stage with “Mr. Taxi” and quickly followed up with “The Boys”. Looking like angels, fans were mesmerised by the beauty of the ladies almost immediately.

Shinee F1 Sepang Malaysia 3

Then, it was SHINee’s turn with “Sherlock”, “Lucifer” and “Love Like Oxygen”. We are happy to report that they are amazing LIVE, which is hard to believe with the choreography of their songs, and even managed to roll the dark clouds away.

After their respective performances, Tiffany predictably took the lead for the introductions and banter for her group while Key for his. Tiffany pointed out the pink balloons and exclaimed, “yea, we are finally back!” while Key asked how the fans were doing and says, “it’s been a long time”!

SNSD resumed with a ballad stage with “Complete” and “Back Hug” and Tiffany noted that YoonA wasn’t able to attend the event this time around and hopes that they can return with her the next time. Then, SNSD kicked up a notch with some dance songs, where they also performed the energetic “I Got A Boy” with high spirits.

Shinee F1 Sepang Malaysia 2

Keeping the momentum, SHINee came back on stage with a medley of their famous singles, including “Why So Serious”, “Ring Ding Dong” and Dream Girl”. They looked like they had a great time performing for the crowd and was very passionate with their dance moves.

In-between, DJ Hitchhiker also returned to the stage to collaborate with SNSD and SHINee on their performance. After all, he was involved in the composition of some of their songs too, including the fun “Hoot” and “Show! Show! Show!” for SNSD and Electric Heart for SHINee. Key even gave him a shoutout saying that he also participated in the production for “Hitchhiking”.

In their black outfits, SNSD did a reversal and had a ‘cute’ stage instead, performing “Kissing You” and the addictive “Gee” much to the delight of their fans by interacting with them, including some ‘aegyo’ poses.

Shinee F1 Sepang Malaysia

Clad in their own official colour, SHINee appeared in their best outfit of the night in aqua green. The guys then proceeded to finish their setlist for the night with a remixed version of “Everybody”. Taemin must have forgotten that they were supposed to start with a dance intro before going into the song and laid down on the stage right away. The rest of the group members laughed and proceeded to guide him up just before the music started.

Before the fans realised, it was already dark. SNSD re-appeared to close the show with Mr. Mr. and both groups took their bow before leaving the stage. Although many were tempted to scream for an encore, most were very satisfied with the show and left with little regret. After such a brilliant night, we are sure that the event will be talked about for some days. Hopefully, the groups will be back soon! In the mean time, SNSD will be releasing their next Japanese single, “Catch Me if You Can” this April 22nd. Stay tuned!

Big thanks to SIC for the invite. More SNSD and SHINee photos on our facebook page.

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