[Book Review] Hanok: The Korean House

HanokWatching Korean dramas, I always adored how their traditional house looks so beautiful, elegant and peaceful. While growing up, I lived surrounded by concrete partitions, therefore I had always dreamed of owning a house like this, surrounded by the green scenery and pretty exterior.

Hanok The korean House

Hanok: The Korean House showcases twelve very special Hanok (with awesome pictorials), provides new insights into the stylish traditional homes (hanok) that are increasingly popular in Seoul today. While the exteriors of these houses are indistinguishable from Hanok built decades ago, the interior designs have been completely changed and have been adapted in keeping with times.

Residence of Yun Posun, Second President of Korea
Yun Posun Residence (Residence of Yun Posun, Second President of Korea)


Twelves Hanok features in this book :

1) Oidong Pyulchang (House in Oi-dong)
2) Yun Posun Residence (Residence of Yun Posun, Second President of Korea)
3) Mumuheon (House Full of Emptiness)
4) Jamyeongseosil (Jamyeong’s House of Playing and Reading)
5) Jiwuheon (House of Continuous Learning)
6) Simsiheon (House Where the Heart is Found)
7) Seonyudang (House of Sharing and Kindness)
8) Bansongjae (Studio Cherishing and Old Pine Tree as a Lifelong Friend)
9) Moto Hanok (Moto House)
10) Cheongseongjae and Neungsoheon (House of a Green Pine Tree and Trumper Vine)
11) Changseongdong Jip (House in Changseong-dong)
12) Hwadongjae (House of Becoming One with Others)

My personal favourite Hanok is Simsimheon, ‘House Where the Heart is Found’, (the name itself very interesting), which is located on the main street in Gahoedong. The name Simsimheon reflects the owner’s openness toward others because she is active in neighborhood affairs and welcome neighbors in her home for discussions on local concerns. She also opens the house to the public on weekends as a way of promoting a deeper understanding of Hanok houses. (I’ll make sure to visit this house when I am in Korea next time^^)

Hanok Simsimheon House Where the Heart is Found
Simsiheon (House Where the Heart is Found)


Each of the twelve Hanok houses has a unique story to tell and this book conveys those stories from the point of view of the owners, many of whom are talented architects and designers. Interesting right?

We would like to thank Tuttle Publishing for sharing the book with us and our readers. It has definitely opened our minds about Korean culture. If you’re interested, you can get this book here!


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