Royal Pirates successfully wrap up their Malaysia tour

Royal Pirates Malaysia showcase

After successfully ‘hijacked’ the Borneo on May 1st, Royal Pirates tried to steal the hearts of Kuala Lumpur citizens on May 3rd. No doubt, they totally rocked the night! Here as a part of their Love Toxic First Showcase in Malaysia, Moon (vocal, guitar), James (bass) & Sooyoon (drums) had fans singing and dancing throughout the event held at Wisma Bentley, Kota Damansara. Dubbed themselves as a pop rock band, the trio serenaded fans with numbers from their 1st EP Drawing the Line, 2nd EP Love Toxic & Japanese EP.

Though the show started an hour later than the scheduled 6pm, fans were overjoyed when they showed up on stage with Moon saying ‘Kami Royal Pirates!’, ‘Apa khabar?’ and ‘Everybody so cantik~’ The band started with Shout Out English version from their Japanese EP with fans chanting along to the chorus. They then performed Seoul Hillbilly and Haru.

Being Korean-Americans and without the need of any translator that could lag the show, Moon, James and Sooyoon smoothly communicated with fans in English and had a short Q&A where they introduced themselves and their impressions on Malaysia and their fans. Royal Pirates concluded that though they had no information regarding Malaysia except for having a fan base here, Malaysia is a beautiful place with a variety of good food and great people.

Royal Pirates Moon Malaysia showcase

Prior to the show, emcee Bernard had given a chance to 3 lucky fans to personally ask questions to Royal Pirates during the Q&A session in the middle of the showcase.

Q1: Friends usually fight, that’s normal. Who among you guys is the peacekeeper?
James: I think, we’re pretty peaceful, man. We don’t fight that much.
Moon: We’re pretty calm. Cause I like everyone getting along.

Q2: If you could be any character, which character you would like to be?
Moon: I think I’d be Batman.
Sooyoon: I already said this in another interview, I said ‘Hulk’
James: Nobody really knows this but Sooyoon’s father practices Judo. He got the Judo DNA.
James: I would be Captain America. Quite boring, right?
Sooyoon: Lameeee

Q3: If you had a million dollars, what would you like to do?
Moon: Invest in stock…..and real estate. Stock and real estate.
Sooyoon: I think I’d travel around the world. With fans. For world tour.
James: I’ll buy a private jet so I can travel to Malaysia often.

Royal Pirates Sooyon Malaysia showcase

The showcase continued with On My Mind from their 1st EP. A more rockish track that has never released officially, Super Natural had the crowd going wild as Royal Pirates unleashed their inner rockstar selves full mode on. Moon then proceeded to ask fans in the VVIP and VIP section to stand and dance for Love Toxic.

There was a special event specially planned by Universal Music Malaysia for James. It was a surprised as emcee Bernard had to run through the plan with fans in Bahasa just before the start of the showcase so that Royal Pirates and their management team would not understand. June 9th would be James’ 26th birthday. During the group photo of Royal Pirates and fans, the lights went out signalling fans to start singing Happy Birthday songs in Bahasa, English and Korean. They were pleasantly surprised and James said he was happy to celebrate his birthday with fans in advance. When asked to reveal one of his wishes, James said that he would like for Royal Pirates to return to Malaysia when they release a new album.

Royal Pirates James Malaysia showcase

English version of Drawing The Line was the last song of the night, but the crowd was not ready to let them go. As the requests for an encore ensued, the trio decided to sing You with Moon teaching fans on how to sing the melodious chorus.

The showcase ended with a success and autograph session for fans who had purchased a Love Toxic album followed. We would like to thank Universal Music Malaysia for inviting us to the showcase.

More showcase photos here!

Bonus : Short clip of fans singing ‘Selamat Hari Jadi to James’

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