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[Exclusive] EXO on Call Me Baby, being a million seller and women in wedding dress?


EXO has been enjoying immense popularity with their latest comeback, Call Me Baby. Sweeping the music charts with multiple winnings (first The Show trophy on April 28, triple crown on Show Champion, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo, plus M!Countdown) proves that EXO and EXO-L is a force to be reckoned with.

The album EXODUS, released in April 2015 offers 10 tracks with 20 different covers, 10 each for Korean and Chinese versions. With different member pictures on the cover and the photobook, the album reaches 500k for pre-orders, that is before the album was released and even tops iTunes chart worldwide! Phew, what a phenomenon! Songs from the album were written and produced by renowned international and local producers such as Teddy Riley, The Underdogs and Kenzie, and SM Entertainment’s own Jong Hyun from SHINee.

In conjunction with their latest comeback, we were given the opportunity to interview the boys of EXO! Find out what they think about the new album, their favorite track off the album and ehem.. their thoughts on when a woman is Beautiful?


It’s been a year since the group’s comeback with Overdose. What are your feelings on the new album and what are the differences between this album and the previous album?

SEHUN: There are a lot of differences, the fans will discover a lot of new things. Since we have come back after a year, we are nervous and excited at the same time.

CHANYEOL: The previous album has a different feeling, as we were boys. With this album, we will show a developed and manlike performance and vocals.

EXODUS is the title of the new album, what does it mean and what is the concept of this album?

CHANYEOL: EXODUS means escape, and with this album, we are shedding the original image of EXO and thus, a more developed version.

SEHUN: We want to show the fans a more matured and manly side of EXO

Teasers were released in the form of Pathcode #EXO, in which each member were featured and fans were invited to guess when the next teaser will be released. What was the hidden meaning of the teasers and the connection between each member?

CHANYEOL: The hidden message of the Pathcode is ‘awakening’. This means that EXO has awakened their supernatural power, and evolved into next stage.

From the MAMA era, EXO has revealed that each member has super powers and through PATHCODE #EXO, fans were reminded of them. If we live in a world where super powers are real, what do you want to do the most?

XIUMIN: I want to build an Ice Palace as Elsa did in the movie ‘Frozen’

CHANYEOL: Although I have a cool power of fire, I’ve always envied Kai’s supernatural power. I would like to use his power to travel and move to better places.

SEHUN: I want to have the power of teleportation, and go for a world tour.

The MV for Call Me Baby reaches 10 million views within a week since its release. What is the song about and the concept of the MV?

CHANYEOL: The title track Call Me Baby is a song directed to a girl that he loves, which for EXO, is EXO-L. The music has a taste of old school harmonized with cheerful brass sound and drum beats. As for the MV, it was shot using the Long-Take technique and you can see the transformation of EXO from a boy to a man.

EXO Exodus

What is the reason for having 20 different version of album (10 Korean and 10 Chinese)?

CHANYEOL: Each version is different as it has different members’ pictures and message in the ‘Thanks To’ inside the album

What do you think of the fashion style for this album?

SEHUN: It’s an old school style which developed in to a classy style, which is very different

CHANYEOL: The style is a bit of old school and manly concept.

Which track off the album would you recommend to your fans and why? (except Call Me Baby)

XIUMIN: I’d suggest EXODUS as it has a luxurious and fancy feel to it

CHANYEOL: I’d recommend Transformer! Its a track that is really suitable for EXO’s style and the song is really good.

SEHUN: I would also suggest Transformer! I liked it from the first time I heard the song, and its my favorite out of all the tracks inside the album.

There’s a track called Beautiful in the album. In your opinion, when do you think a woman is most Beautiful?

XIUMIN: When a woman is in her wedding dress?

CHANYEOL: When do I feel a woman is most beautiful? mmmm, that’s a really difficult question.. when they are beautiful? Kkk, sorry..

SEHUN: When they are in sportswear, with leggings and running shoes..

The first album and repackaged version in total sold more than a million copies, which made the group a million seller. What is the goal and expectation for EXODUS?

CHANYEOL: Hope we can achieve million selling for this album, as how we did with Growl

SEHUN: I don’t have an expectation that will sell million copies nor be in the top ranking. Rather just happy that we, EXO has come back with a new album and are able to be on stage to communicate with our fans, I am thankful for that.

EXO 10 Exodus

And our interview continues with a short segment with individual members..

As for CHANYEOL, who can play numerous instruments, which one are you most good at?

CHANYEOL: I starter playing drum the earliest, so I think I am most good with drums. Recently I feel like I want to try different traditional instruments from different countries.

Being an actor and singer, what is the recent music and movie do you like?

D.O.: A song by Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk and the movie Birdman

We’ve seen KAI looking great in both powerful hip-hop moves and slow lyrical choreographs. Which dance do you prefer?

KAI: There is no dance that I don’t like, as I like all of them. As for the viewers, if my dance can move their feelings, I would dance any and all type of dances.

XIUMIN, being a TVXQ! fan, you attended TVXQ!’s With concert in Osaka Dome, how was it?  And you have also shown your great body shape to the fans during your recent concert, how long did it take to make such a perfect body?

XIUMIN: It was my first time attending a concert in Japan, and since it was held at Dome, and a concert by my idol, I was really happy. And by watching my seniors in concert, I learnt a lot. As for my body shape, I like sports and usually work out. For the concert, I prepared for approximately 2 months. Although I don’t have a perfect body, I will constantly work hard to show the fans a more muscular part of me.

SUHO, what do you think the members thought of you as a leader?

SUHO: Most probably a good leader, good brother, and a nice person. You should ask the other members for details ^.^ (we sure will when we meet next time ;p)

That ends our short Q&A with EXO. Look forward to more of our coverage with EXO soon! We’d like to thank SM Entertainment for the great opportunity of interviewing EXO.

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