Unveiling K-drama the ‘Mask’ on ONE HD this May 28


Stay calm drama queens! ONE HD has just announced their new airing schedule code-named ‘PPALI-PPALI‘, the Korean term for ‘faster, faster‘ and a new K-drama ‘Mask‘ is coming our way on May 28, just 24 hours after the original broadcast in South Korea!

‘Mask’ is a melodrama about a woman who assumes another’s identity and enters the elite “chaebol” (a family-owned industrial conglomerate) world. Standing out from the other aristocratic ladies, she captures the eye and eventually, the heart, of a charismatic but repressed young heir.


‘Mask’ features a star-studded cast including veteran, international award-winning actress Soo Ae (King of Ambition), leading heartthrob Joo Ji Hoon and Hoya (My Lovely Girl), a member of Korean pop group INFINITE.

Check out the trailer for the drama below!

The K-drama is set to premiere on May 28, within 24 hours of its Korean telecast. New episodes will air every Thursday and Friday at 8.55pm/ 7.55pm (JKT), first and exclusively on ONE HD (Astro B.yond Channel 393).

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