[Exclusive] SHINee’s back and it ain’t Odd at all

SHINee‘s BACK! And yes, not trying to be as cliched as it sounds, the 5 member group is back with their 4th album titled ‘Odd‘. The lead single of the album, View has been receiving love from the fans, winning the group awards from music shows such as Mnet’s M! Countdown, KBS’s Music Bank, and MBC’s Music Core.


ONEW, KEY, TAEMIN, JONGHYUN & MINHO, why so serious?

The power of SHINee World (or SHAWOL) did not stop there. The album swept the online retail  sites with number one ranking on Yes24, Synnara Records, iTunes and Aladdin. They were also number 1 on the Billboard’s World Chart and that is certainly not an easy task to do. SHINee last topped the Billboard’s World Chart with Why So Serious: The Misconceptions of Me, released in 2013.

SHINee 2

Boasting 11 tracks on the album, vocalist JONGHYUN also participated in composing some of the songs, including the chart topping View. The music video for the lead song, showed the group having fun in Thailand, and how we wish we were there too! Well, let’s get SHINee to explain about the album. Click on the video!


And here’s the music video for View

BONUS! Here’s a video of SHINee greeting the Malaysian fans!


So readers! What do you think of the album? And what about the song View? Love it? Hate it? Share with us your thoughts! SHINee might be reading your comments!

We would like to thank SM Entertainment once again for the lovely opportunity of interviewing the boys.

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-interview translation by: Cho Dixxon-

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