[Film Review] 9 Muses Of Star Empire

9 Muses of Star Empire

There are probably thousands of sad stories behind the lives of a star, although they live a glamorous life and are constantly in the public eye. ‘9 Muses Of Star Empire’ tells a story of 9 young girls pursuing a dream to be part of K-pop girl group, Nine Muses.

Selected solely because of their good looks, these girls undergo an intense and harsh training before debut under Star Empire Entertainment. As they were preparing for their debut at the annual ‘K-pop festival Dream Concert’ with relentless rehearsals, the girls had to cope with many episodes of tears, disappointment and depression.

One of the highlights was when one of the members in training left the group just a few weeks before their debut, and how one of the Star Empire executives went to a talent agency looking for a replacement. The shallow criteria to be a girl group member was highlighted; you have to be around the same age as the girls, tall, slim and with the ability to dance or sing.

Another highlight is when Sera, the original leader of 9 Muses was blamed because of the group’s lack of success and dropped from the position of the leader. She was then replaced by Lana.

After going through so much, 9 Muses finally made their TV debut on music shows. Unfortunately, that is not the end of their hardship. Despite the curiosity and positive expectations, they were harshly criticized for their debut stage. “Don’t even know how to sing”, “Not attractive at all”, and “Lack of confidence” were among the critiques they received. More rigorous training started after that. With no chance to rest, they were forced to practice even after being involved in a car crash, with bandages and bruises all over their body. Eventually one of the members was kicked out at the same time.

This documentary is definitely an eye opener for K-pop fans and alike out there, to give the idea how harsh and tough the journey is to become a star. If you haven’t watched this documentary, ‘9 Muses of Star Empire’ was recently released on VOD! You can watch it here :

9 Muses Of Star Empire – Trailer from Syndicado on Vimeo.

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