[Exclusive] 5-Minutes with Yoo Yeon Seok

Warm and Cozy

Warm & Cozy, Oh!K’s romantic comedy has been capturing the hearts of Malaysian viewers with the story of romance between two unlikely personalities. The season finale on Friday, 24 July at 8.55pm guarantees a teary end in a quest to bring two hearts together. Here an exclusive interview with Yoo Yeon Seok, the lead actor who portrays the playful chef, Baek Geon Woo!

Yoo Yeon Seok

In this series, Baek Gun Woo is a talented chef. And people are praising your role as a chef. What do you think about this?

Chef Gun Woo’s philosophy is to enjoy the process of cooking and he takes pleasure in it. Therefore, I tried my hardest to focus on expressing his happiness through his cooking rather than performing special culinary skills. In the beginning, I was unfamiliar with using knives and I tend to cut my finger during rehearsals. But through plenty of practice, I am ready to do a juggling fire show! [laughs]

What is your relationship like with Lee Sung-jae, your brother in the drama series, and his rival Kim Sung-oh?

I met Lee Sung-jae in Gu Family Book as his opposing character, but I am very glad to see him again as my brother in ‘Warm and Cozy’ as it reminds me of old memories. This is my first time meeting Kim Sung-oh. We have similar interests which makes it easy for us to get along. During filming, he looks after me and makes me laugh – like my off-screen brother.

The finale is coming up. What do you have to say to the viewers?

I hope viewers loved watching the series as we had lots of fun making it. ‘Warm & Cozy’ falls under the “romantic category”, but I think it is much more than that. It is definitely much more interesting and entertaining than what you would expect a romantic comedy to be.


‘Warm & Cozy’ will air its much-awaited finale on Friday, 24 July 2015 at 8.55pm on Oh!K (Astro Channel 394). Don’t miss it! Viewers in Malaysia can also choose from English, Simplified Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.

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