[Airport Fashion] 150806 BTS from Incheon to Bangkok

Hey K-poppers, in our first feature on K-pop celebrity style, we will be looking at the boys of Bangtan’s airport fashion style from Incheon Airport to Bangkok. Let’s go Bangtan Style!

150806 Jimin

Jimin grabbing attention with his oddly perched hat and high cut yellow converse sneakers.


V is looking not too shabby in a shirt with a rip at his shoulder, a simple and comfortable concept.

150806 Suga

As always, Suga keeps up with his image as the material boyfriend with a silver backpack. His slim-fit trousers highlight his slim legs that are envied by fan girls!

150806 Jhope

J-Hope looking hip with his turquoise beanie from Back Channel.

150806 Rapmon

Rap Monster in true swag with an all black image from head to toe, not forgetting the fancy Adidas shoes.

150806 Jungkook

Jungkook looking cute and happy with his red beanie from Brown Breath and classic boots from Red Wing.

150806 Jin

Jin‘s latest airport fashion includes a must-have cute pillow which he hugs along. Jin was previously seen carrying the cute pillow on August 5 when he arrived at Incheon Airport from Chile and the latest August 9 from Bangkok.

150805 Jin BTS Airport with Pillow 2

Bonus: Jin arriving at Incheon Airport from Chile on August 5!

150805 Jin BTS Airport with Pillow 3

 More Bonus : Jin with adorable cute pillow on August 9!

150809 Jin

Ain’t Jin cute? Look out for more features to come on K-pop celebrity style! Who do you want us to feature next? Do drop your comments below!

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  • August 17, 2015 at 11:33 pm

    Great article kpopped! What about you cover about one person in each group? Like Suga from BTS? Im in love with his fashion and clothes choices..totally not because hes my bias or anything

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