[Airport Fashion] ‘Just Right’ Style by GOT7

This week in our K-pop celebrity style feature we’ll be looking at GOT7‘s airport fashion style from Gimpo Airport to China. It’s the ‘Just Right style everybody!

150811 Bambam 3

GOT7 Bambam Gimpo airport to China

Bambam, why you’re so gorgeous? With a red hat, torn jeans at the knee and unique high-heeled boots, Bambam came out with a modern cowboy image.


Even with a hand sling, Jackson looks swag with a black and gold image that matches well with his blonde hair. The shirt is a gift from his fan. How lucky you are, girl!

GOT7 Yugyeom Gimpo airport to China

150811 Yugyeom 2

Yugyeom is also in all black with a big red heart shirt from Comme des Garçons and a cute clutch from Stella McCarney.

GOT7 Youngjae Gimpo airport to China

GOT7 Youngjae Gimpo airport to China

Youngjae looking mysterious with a mask with danger sign and a black hat.

GOT7 Mark at Gimport airport to China

GOT7 Mark Gimpo airport to China

Mark, who likes to wear hoodies, looking swag with a funky genius Albert Einstein image on his hoodie.

GOT7 Junior Gimpo airport to China

150811 Jr

Jr is comfortable with the intellectual boyfriend image even though his hand in bandage.

GOT7 JB Gimpo airport to China

GOT7 JB Gimpo airport to China

Simple is the best!. Although JB‘s outfit of a white shirt is simple, he’s definitely looking good. And..look at his Simpsons clutch…cute!

Bonus : ‘Just Right’ pose by BAMBAM

150811 Bambam 4

More Bonus : Bambam’s new parrot hair while heading to KBS Music Bank August 14 and a cute fanart

BAMBAM on the way Music Bank


Do you like GOT7’s fashion sense? Do drop your comment below on your favourite ‘Just Right’ fashion style!

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