Visit Korea Committee is hosting ‘K-POP Festival 2015’ for all K-POP fans in the world

K-pop Festival 2015 poster

『K-POP Festival 2015』, a cover dance competition where K-POP fans from all over the world follow after the choreography of K-POP stars, is inviting K-POP fans in the world again to Korea this year.

Visit Korea Committee opened an official website ( for online evaluation on May, and has been receiving cover dance video from K-POP fans in the world. As a result, more than 40,000 K-POP fans visited the official website within a month and 500 cover dance videos from 40 countries were uploaded for evaluation. The festival definitely is receiving an enthusiastic responses and attention.

Teams who have gone through online evaluation have to pass overseas finals, hosted by the Consulates and Korean Culture and Information Service of Vietnam, Singapore, Nigeria, Poland, Turkey, Australia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Teams from the countries without overseas final are chosen only by online evaluation. 70 people for 13~15 teams are invited to Korea for performance. These teams invited to Korea will be coached by professional choreographers at dance school, where a lot of Idol stars have practiced, and will perform on the concert stage with K-POP stars at the end when they are all ready.

Overseas final for this year especially expects synergy effects as it is linked with other Hallyu event. K-POP cover dance team selection event will take place as a major program for Feel Korea of India, Festive Korea of Hong Kong, and Korea-Indonesia Festival of Indonesia, programs which introduce Korean culture to their own local people. In addition, cover dance team, composed of Chinese students studying in Korea, will be selected during Chinese Students’ Festival, hosted at Cheongju of Chungcheongbukdo from October 6th to 8th. Overseas final took place at Hanoi of Vietnam and Singapore on May and June already, and received great responses from local K-POP fans.

Meanwhile, 70 people, selected through finals and invited to Korea, will be provided opportunities, such as a visit to major tourist spot in Korea, in order to expand their interest, which began from K-POP, to various Korean cultures. Based on such Hallyu experiences, they will be appointed as K-Friends, honorary ambassadors for Korean culture and tourism, and will continue to introduce Korean culture to their own country.

Han Kyung-Ah, the secretary-general of Visit Korea Committee, claimed that “K-POP Festival linked with the local governments for last 4 years, and successfully promoted mega events such as Incheon Asian Games.” She added, “We will continue to introduce the excellence of Korean Tourism, through the medium of K-POP, which can connect people from all over the world.”

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