[EXCLUSIVE] VIXX LR (Leo and Ravi) aims to be your Left and Right with Beautiful Liar

On September 1st, VIXX LR gained their first ever music show win since their debut on SBS MTV’s The Show with 9,464 votes! Not bad, considering the sub-unit that was barely 2 weeks old. Comprising of VIXX’s main vocalist, Leo and VIXX’s main rapper, Ravi, the sub-unit has provided a glimpse of what more both Leo and Ravi could offer in terms of their vocals and dance skills.

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It’s been a month since Beautiful Liar was released on August 17th and we (finally!) managed to catch the duo for some questions on the formation of VIXX LR, release of their mini-album and performing as a sub-unit.

What does the mini-album, Beautiful Liar represent and what was its concept?
Ravi: Firstly, all of the tracks in the first mini-album were written and composed by VIXX LR. So, we think of it as an avenue, whereby we can show the results of our continuous efforts. It also serves as a stepping stone and (our) foundation as ‘musicians with distinct features’.

Leo: The mini-album’s message is to show harmony in distinction (e.g. ‘black and white‘, ‘L(eft) and R(ight)‘) as it is meant to represent that although there are two members with distinct features (look differently and may seem like opposites), through one voice and a coherent performance, we become one new entity.

Which is your favourite track from the mini-album?
Ravi:Beautiful Liar’ is the favourite. It is the title song and we also worked very hard on it, particularly in writing the lyrics and coming up with the title. We also put in a lot of effort in performing the song. Leo and I kept pondering and discussing on how to show our colours through the song.

Any stories to share when you were coming up with the lyrics for Beautiful Liar?
Ravi: It actually took a lot of time to designate the title (of ‘Beautiful Liar‘). I tried hard to look for a word that has a contrary meaning to the word ‘beautiful’. I also thought over on how to show the mutually-contradicting concept of VIXX LR effectively.



How was the sub-unit of VIXX LR formed?
Leo: Both of us have been making and working on songs while being the main vocalist and rapper of VIXX. As such, we always thought that there could be great synergy if we can conduct activities together as a unit and release an album where each member’s strength can be highlighted with new aspects to be shown. It just so happens that we got the opportunity to do so and proceeded with it.

What do you think are each other’s strength?
Ravi: Leo has his own presence/atmosphere. I really like this peculiar susceptibility he has, which is lyrical and not common.
Leo: Ravi is always very lively. I’m proud when he does freestyle raps and dances without any difficulties. Also, he gets ready very fast in the mornings so there is no need to wait for him when we have schedules.

What were you most nervous about in forming VIXX LR?
Ravi: Since there were only two of us, we were more serious and focused. It is the very first sub-unit from VIXX so we felt responsible to have a good start. We were nervous and thrilled at the same time.

What are the pros and cons of promoting as a duo?
Ravi: The main advantage would be that a shorter period of time is taken for things, such as filming. Having just the two of us instead of our usual six members made us anxious but it feels new at the same time. If we have to choose a disadvantage (and it may not even be one), it is that each of us have to take up more work since we are now two instead of six. More seriousness and more thought.



What did the other members think of the sub-unit?
Ravi: They liked us very much and were very supportive. All of them came over to watch us film the music video. Hyuk, after filming for his movie, even brought us some famous bread (all the way) from Daejeon. When we were filming a scene at the shore, Hongbin also dropped by for a visit although he was busy with his personal activities. The other members also constantly shared their opinions with us on our songs and monitor us whenever they have time. They provide us energy!

As both of you wrote the lyrics in this album, what advice would you give to someone who wishes to write good lyrics?
Leo: When I write, I get inspired from various things. If something comes to my mind when I’m watching a movie or reading a book, I write it down immediately or record it. Personally, I work on music when I want to and I don’t force myself to make something. This way, I can incorporate the words and the stories I want to convey into the songs.

It’s been only three months since you last visited Malaysia but we miss you already! Do you have a message for your Starlights?
LR: Thank you very much for loving VIXX and VIXX’s music, despite the different language and culture. We will work hard to repay your love, and try to meet more fans. Please keep supporting and loving us! Thank you!

In the mean time, fans may be able to anticipate a comeback from VIXX soon! During an interview with SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show recently, Ravi hinted that they do not have any concrete plans yet but they are aiming to release an album by this year-end. We can only hope it materialises! If you haven’t watch th music video, watch it here!

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