K-Popped! joins Korea Joa 2015

15 Members, 9 Nations, ONE Destination! We are pretty excited to announce that K-popped! has been invited by KOFICE to be a part of their very first “Korea Joa” project! ^^

Korea Joa 2015

What is Korea Joa?

Believing on online media’s impact on spreading the Korean Wave, KOFICE introduced “Korea Joa” project; a program where all the members of media are given the opportunity to visit South Korea and cover various aspects of Korea such as K-pop, drama, food and cultures.

The annual BIFF (Busan International Film Festival), MU:CON Showcase and MCountdown recording are some of the exciting schedules the invited media (that includes us K-popped!) will get to experience during the program. We will also be exploring famous venues like Busan, Hongdae and Gangnam in order to get to know the Korean culture better. More will be announced via our SNS so please STAY TUNED!!

When is Korea Joa?

Korea Joa will be happening from 30th September 2015 – 9th October 2015.

Who are the members of Korea Joa?

– 15 representatives of worldwide online media especially interested in Korean culture. They are :

  2. Fuse TV (USA)
  3. Soompi (USA)
  4. Drama Fever (USA)
  5. Koreaboo (USA)
  6. Hangul Celluloid (UK)
  7. United Kpop (UK)
  8. HanCinema (Canada)
  9. HelloKpop (Canada)
  10. The AU Review (Australia)
  11. Officially K-Music (Australia)
  12. Sg (x)clusive (Singapore)
  13. Destination K-pop (India)
  14. K-pop Fighting (Hong Kong)
  15. PKCI (Philippines)

Who is KOFICE?

KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange) is a non-profit organization under the Korean Government – Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. KOFICE was established in 4th June 2003 and since then has been working to create a hub through which Hallyu fans from around the world can enjoy and share Korean culture.

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