MTV World Stage 2015 press conference with Apink

MTV WORLD STAGE IN MALAYSIA has come and gone but who is having withdrawal from the lovely Apink? I am! Lets recap on what happened during the press conference shall we?

Apink members at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 Press Briefing Pic 2 (Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling)

Shall we start with how Apink looked like angels with all white outfit? Everyone was smiling happily despite having to wake up early and get ready, get their hair and makeup done and look perfect for the 12 pm meet with the press segment. VJ Alan of MTV Asia was excited as Namjoo taught him how to greet Good Morning in Korean. Here ‘s how the question and answer goes!

Q: How do you feel being in Malaysia for Worldstage 2015?

Chorong: Having to perform on a big stage, representing Korea is an honour to us. And since its been a while since we last came to Malaysia, we feel happy to get to meet our fans here once again.

Q: Is there any artistes that you would like to work with, other than CUBE artistes.

Eunji: We like hip hop so much, it would be good if we can collaborate with Dynamic Duo.

Q: The group has ventured into acting, hosting, etc. What other areas do you wish to venture into next?

Eunji: Instead of trying to try other areas, we feel that its important for us to perform perfectly for the fans first.

Apink at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 Press Briefing Pic 1 (Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling)

Q: What is it like to perform to an audience who speaks a different language than you do

A: We understand than most of the fans understand Korean and even though its not a language known by everyone, we hope that we can overcome this barrier through music and just have fun together.

Q: Bomi performed with drums in the group’s previous concert. Are there any plans for other members to play instruments on stage too?

Bomi: Like how I played drums in the past performance, in the future we will also prepare something for the fans.

Q: How do you think performing at World Stage 2015 will impact Apink positively?

A: It will broaden our experience especially performing on stage with the international artistes, so definitely we will use this chance to brighten and enhance our performance.

Apink members at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 Press Briefing Pic 3 (Credit - MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling)

Q: Have you tried any Malaysian food?

Chorong: We tried Satay, and something with rice, egg, and cucumber  (we guess its Nasi Lemak!). We like it, and though we haven’t tried a lot, we hope we get to taste more varieties in the future.

Q: If you’re given the chance to talk to any performers in the world, who would you like to talk to?

A: Since Carly Rae Jepsen is here, we would like to talk to her. And we are also fans of Jason Derulo, so it would be cool if we could get to have a chat with him.

Q: As a team, what do you do together before going on stage?

A: We get together, gather our hands together and shout fighting! We also wish each other to have fun and not get hurt on stage.

VJ Hanli, Apink members and VJ Alan at MTV World Stage Malaysia Press Briefing (Credit MTV Asia&Kristian Dowling)

Q: Which member is good at giving advices during hard times?

Bomi: We rely on each other most of the time. It’s hard to pick only member, but we go to the leader most of the time, she guides everyone through obstacles and such

Q: Apink is always looking perfect and cool, what is your advice to Malaysian’s to look cool and perfect all year long despite the hot weather?

Bomi: Smiling will help you look and feel cool!

Q: How is the group unique compared to other girl groups that are available out there?

Chorong: The girl groups overall are very good, but for Apink, we try to maintain our genre, style and thats what is important to them and separates them from other groups.

APINK MTV World Stage 2015 (4)

Q: Pink Panda to Apink is?

Eunji: It has been our dream to become performers but it is our fans who helped and supports us.

Q: Would Apink accept a male member?

A: Fans are quite picky on who they collaborate with and who they perform with, for this moment, perhaps we’d have more collaborations instead of taking a male member to join us.

Q: What are your inspiration when writing music?

Eunji: Usually, we write about our experiences and from watching movies/dramas.

We had a lot of fun during Apink’s performance last Saturday and we hope to see Apink in Malaysia again soon!

Read what went down during the show here! Also check out the footage below:

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