[Airport Fashion] Mr.CC (Mr.Cinderella CNBLUE)

Hey K-popped fans! This week let’s look forward to a fairy tale Mr.Cinderella as CNBLUE dressed up for their trip from Incheon Airport to Shanghai.

151001 Yonghwa

151001 Yonghwa 2

Yonghwa who always admit his fashion style is the best, came up with a fancy white hoodie and Adidas x Krooked Snapback.

151001 Jonghyun

151001 Jong Hyun 2

Jonghyun who loves to be simple and matured was dressed in simple checkered top and tucked in jeans.  Fans teased with captions that said he looks like a debt collector ahjussi. Handsome debt collector anyone?

 151001 Minhyuk

Minhyuk looked really neat with a simple long sleeve tee.

151001 Jungshin 2

151001 Jungshin 1

Jung Shin‘s body looks longer with a turtle neck sweater. Doesn’t he look like super model?

Did you enjoy Mr.CC airport fashion? Share with us your thoughts about your prince charming’s fashion.

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One thought on “[Airport Fashion] Mr.CC (Mr.Cinderella CNBLUE)

  • October 17, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    Anyone lost their shoe at the airport? kekkeke… Minhyuk looks dashing!

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