Be Warned: Rookies To Watch Out For!

Hi K-popped fans! Are you still new in the K-pop world or in a mood to find a new rookie to follow or idolize? Here are some of the rookie groups you should look out for!


Monsta X – Did you guys watch the survival show ‘No Mercy‘? If you want to be Monsta X’s fan you’ll need to watch it! In the show, they came out with a strong image, truly man, tough man and real man. Their dance, singing and rapping was really great and captured many fan’s hearts. Besides their manly image, they also have a certain charm. They can dance to girl group songs, do the robot dance and they also revealed their abs! Oops!

Debut Song : Trespass (They trespassed fans’ hearts)

Comeback Song : Rush (They are so badass. They did a comeback with a playful and bad boy image. Let’s vroom vroom!)

Seventeen – Plenty of biases to choose from because they have 13 members including members from China and US. From 13 members there have 3 sub groups for Vocal, Performance and Rap. Impressive! They are an independent boy group that can produce songs, rap lines and choreography by themselves. Their dance moves are quite sharp and syncs well even with 13 members. It’s not easy to sync with 13 members but they can do it!


Debut Song  : Adore You (This song really make fans want to adore them)

Comeback Song : Mansae (Catchy song that topping charts recently)

iKon – Did you guys watch the reality program WIN and MIX & MATCH? For about 2 years YG played push and pull with fans’ heart to wait for iKon to debut. And now it’s real! Some of the fans expecting hardcore hip hop group but then got punched in the gut with their cute bad boy image. They also have a music genius  in the group, B.I.


Debut Song : My Type (Honestly, not my type because I was expecting hip hop songs like they produced during WIN and MIX & Match. And I feel like the MV and song exposed too much of B.I and Bobby. YG appa, you need to expose other members too. Maybe YG’s strategy is to tease fans. Warm up!)

Comeback Song : Airplane & Rhythm Ta (‘Airplane’ has the BigBang vibe. For ‘Rhythm Ta’, yeah! Fans got the rhythm back and high with the song but the members’ singing parts need to be divided equally)

Day6 – Praise must given to JYP who was brave to try something new from their pop dance concept and debut a new boy band group. And what make them special is they can sing well while playing the instrument. The members also have a very unique voice with JYP’s singing style (half air and half Oh ya! The band also have a member that can rap! And have inspired Hashtag (funny Hashtag) member, Jae!


Debut Song : Congratulations ( Congratulations too you guys! The song is really jjang! Fans keep praising that they never expected a rookie band to be that good)

Up10tion – Attention! Teen Top has a namdongsaeng (younger brother). 10 members for you gals to choose! According to fans they give a multiple group vibe from BTS, VIXX, Super Junior and Shinee. They have a member that can sing like Baekhyun too. And one of the members love Bangtan.!


Debut Song : So, Dangerous (Warning : they really can be dangerous as to wreck your bias list)

Have you decided who you would start idolizing? Put your hands at your chest and ask your heart. There are too many rookies to choose from! We hope you had a great time reading our list!

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