CLC first showcase in Kuala Lumpur is a success!

Crystal Clear” or better known as CLC is a rookie girl group under CUBE Entertainment which consists of 5 talented member – Seunghee (leader) Yujin, Seungyeon, Yee Eun and Sorn. Been trained for more than 2 years, CLC successfully made their appearance on their debut stage with the song “Pepe” on March 2015. After gaining tonnes of love from all over the world, last Sunday the fans in Malaysia were lucky enough to be able to see them live in Malaysia on their 1st overseas Promo Tour Showcase.

CLC in Malaysia Press Conference
From left : Seunghee (leader), Seungyeon, Yujin, Yee Eun and Sorn

Proving that they are what they are named after, CLC appeared with full of shine at the press conference venue and greeted us with “Apa Khabar” before they start to answer all the questions thrown to them. The girls looked pretty nervous during at first but they got more comfortable as time passed by.

The members talked about the fashion style that they love to wear. All the member have different taste in fashion but most of them loves feminine and casual style to go with their charming personality. The girls also mentioned that they would love to appear on TV shows such as “Law of the Jungle”, “Running Man” and “Hello Counselor”. As a junior group from CUBE, CLC mentioned that they received a lot of love and support from all their seniors especially G.Na who helped them in many ways.

CLC in Malaysia Press Conference 2
CLC’s press conference was held at Loud Speaker Karaoke, Setia Walk Puchong

When being ask about her feeling being the only non-korean member in the group, Sorn who is from Thailand mentioned that her love for music helped her overcome all the difficulties in both training and also in learning a new language and culture. Sorn, the winner of Kpop Star Hunt Season 1 said being far away from home doesn’t dampen her spirits to keep going and chasing her dream.

Before the press conference ended, the MC asked CLC members to speak simple Malay words that they have learnt so far during their stay in Malaysia. The members confidently shout “Aku Cinta Padamu” to the audience. The girls also received a pair of baju kurung each from Universal Music Malaysia (UMM) as souvenirs.

We also got to catch CLC during an exclusive interview. You guys may check the interview in our next video post!

CLC Interview
CLC pose for us during interview session

After we wrapped up our PC session in Setia Walk, we headed to Berjaya Times Square for the showcase. There were many fans waiting to see CLC coming out on the stage during our arrival. UMM has invited Erul as the opening guest. Erul who was also a “Kpop Star Hunt” contestant sang one of his songs to warm up the showcase.

Photo by Universal Music Malaysia

Right after Erul’s performance, CLC appeared on the stage and sang 4 of their songs including “Pepe” and “Like”. The fans hyped the event with their scream when they got to witness CLC’s charming performance on the stage with their very own eyes.

The organizer also prepared a dancing game with CLC in between the show. 5 lucky fans that has been picked beforehand got the chance to dance to “Pepe” on the stage in front of their beloved CLC members. To make the showcase more memorable to both fans and CLC members themselves, Malaysia’s CLC fanclub prepared a little birthday surprise for Seunghee, the leader as her birthday fell on the day before the showcase in Kuala Lumpur. It touched our heart to see Seunghee teared up, feeling grateful to the fans who remembered her birthday.

Photo by Universal Music Malaysia Chinese

After the show, fans who bought the passes were able to personally go up on stage to have an autograph session with CLC members. The show wrapped up beautifully after the photography session with the girls. Before leaving the stage, CLC promised that they will be coming back to Malaysia with a concert next time.

CLC fan sign
Photo by Universal Music Malaysia Chinese

Overall, the showcase was a big success and well organized. We were really glad to see the fans and CLC leaving the venue with happy faces. Thank you UMM for giving us a great chance to cover this fascinating event. More photos during CLC’s fan meeting in Kuala Lumpur here!

CLC Performances during showcase in Kuala Lumpur!

1) Pepe :

2) Lucky :

3) What Should I Do? :

4) Like :

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