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Highlights at iKON Debut Concert Showtime

iKON is YG Entertainment’s boy group and one of the most anticipated debut of the year! Having a large fanbase even before debuting is something exceptional especially with so many rookies debuted this year making the Korean entertainment industry even more competitive.

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After two years waiting, iKON finally debuted in a large scale debut concert on October 3rd 2015. Held at Olympic Gymnastics Arena which houses around 15,000 people, iKON officially debuted and ready to take over the K-pop music. As a part of Korea Joa, we’re lucky to witness iKON’s first ever concert in Seoul. Let’s go through five highlights during the show.

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1)     As we went into the venue, we were awed by the large amount of fans inside the stadium. The Olympic Gymnastics Arena was almost full with loyal fans. Are they really rookies?

2)     YG Entertainment provided all concert attendees with a wristband which were remotely controlled in time to match the music. What a clever move to replace the light sticks or balloons and to unify the fans at the same time.

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3)     Half way through the concert, the MC announced the show will temporarily stop due to the heat in the standing area. Few fans were spotted fainting, and being rescued by the concert staff. It took 20 minutes for the fans in the standing area to calm down and follow the instructions to move backward so they could have some space to breathe.

4)     As an older kpop fan, we were definitely thrilled by the guest artiste performing at the concert. Jinusean and Epik High made an appearance during the concert singing few songs and asking fans to show lots of love to iKON.

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5)     iKON prove themselves as talented idols, as they performed various kind of music and perfectly fit into the character of each songs. From the fun and laidback song, My Type to the sweet serenading ballad, Wait For Me and to the soothing beat, Airplane and to the swag upbeat dance Rhythm Ta.

Overall it was an awesome show but a little too dominated by Bobby and B.I, well, we all know they are good, but we hope to see other members’ talents as well and iKON as a well balanced group.

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Special thanks to KOFICE and YG Entertainment for the arrangement and invitation.

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Official photos by YG Entertainment

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