[Exclusive] CLC’s First Love in Malaysian Borneo

CUBE Entertainment’s newest girl group CLC was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah last Saturday to meet their fans in Malaysia for the first time since their debut in March 2015. The group name, given by their agency is short for Crystal Clear, which means to shine brightly like a crystal. CLC is composed of five beautiful girls starting with leader Seung Hee, Yu Jin, Seung Yeon, Sorn and the youngest, Yee Eun.

CLC in Malaysia (1)

K-Popped! managed to meet the girls before their showcase started and asked few questions!

Q : Have you ever imagine yourself being entertainers, singers like you are today?

Seung Hee : I like to sing, however I never thought of becoming a singer. But when I was in high school, I thought maybe I should be a singer and went to auditions to become one.

Seung Yeon : I like dancing since I was young and I like listening to music as well. Being a singer is very difficult but I keep on dreaming and went to auditions. I got lucky and joined the agency to be a singer.

Sorn : I started out from an audition program called K-POP Star Hunt three years ago. I actually came to Malaysia for a press conference and at that time I didn’t even think that I will be a singer because I just felt that my potential was not that high. But here I am, back in Malaysia as a singer, it’s like a dream came true, and I’m really thankful to CUBE Entertainment for giving me the opportunity to be a singer.

Yee Eun : I always have a dream to be a singer since I was young as I like to sing and dance in front of people, so when I grew up I went to auditions to be a singer.

Yu Jin : I want to be a singer since I was young. But my personality is a bit shy, because of that my mother always consoled me to go to auditions to pursue my dream. When I passed my audition, I get the opportunity to be a singer. By being a singer, I gained a lot of confidence.

 Q. Can you share some of the rigorous training you had before you debuted as CLC?

Before our debut, we did a lot of busking performances. Each one of us took one instrument and performed in front of people. At the time, it was during winter season so it was very cold and there were only 15 people watching us but we were very happy. We gained a lot of experience from the busking performance.

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Q. How your seniors : BEAST, 4 Minute, BTOB helped you in the process before debuting?

We used to be G-Na’s back up dancers before our debut. She saw us when we did our training, and she taught us a lot on how to look pretty on camera, how to improve ourselves to be better and so on. And it’s not only G-Na but all seniors gave a lot of advice and helped us a lot during the process.

Q. This is for Sorn, how is it feel to be the first Thai member in a K-Pop girl group?

Sorn : I feel very proud because you don’t get a lot of South East Asian member in a K-Pop group because I don’t look like Korean. I’m proud to be representing my country. I want to be different from other people and want to show that the K-Pop industry has lots of different colour, I want to be able to connect to people through music.

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Q. What are CLC’s future plans after the promotional tour in Malaysia?

We are a rookie group at the moment, we will work hard and we really hope to get a lot of attention from K-Pop fans all around the world.

CLC was very happy to meet their fans in 1 Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu last Saturday and it was a memorable day for CLC’s leader, Seung Hee when the fans sang a birthday song for her that day.

They performed a total of four songs during the Meet The Fans session: Pepe, Eighteen, What Should I Do, Lucky and one encore song, Like.

Big thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for the invitation and interview opportunities.

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