Taste Of Gyeonggi-do in Malaysia

Gyeonggi-do Korean Food Fair 2015, organised by the Shin Sun Mi Korean Market in Malaysia and supported by Korean government, will be held at Setia City Mall, Atria shopping Gallery, Damansara and Tropicana City Mall.


Riding on the popularity of the Korean Wave, Korean Food lovers is getting more and Korean Food Fair will be on a bigger scale compared to the previous year.

Located in the mid-western part of the Korea, Gyeonggi Province(do) is the area facing the mountains and the west sea. Therefore, Gyeonggi-do has plenty of seafood and agricultural products from active dry-field farming and fruit farming.

This exhibition will be promoting Gyeonggi-do agricultural products including Korea Anseong Mushrooms and Korea Peaches. We are also selling Korean noodles, Kimchi and Korean snacks. Besides, there will have Korean food demo & tasting for visitors to discover the real taste of Gyeongi-do.

And also, they will have various K-POP performance to bring more fun and entertainment to audiences.

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