[Travelogue] Korea Joa DAY 3 – Fresh Market, BIFF Film, Haedong Yonggungsa and Gwangan Bridge

October 2nd, Friday – Woke up early morning and ready for another day in Busan! It was a long day, hence, this post might be super long.^_^ After having breakfast at the hotel, we went to the famous fresh market in Busan called Jagalchi Market.

Korea Joa Day 3

We were divided into three groups, with each group left to do whatever they want in the market. Sightseeing or snacking? As for my group, we went straight away to buy some fish and octopus for snacking because we love food!^_^ You can choose any seafood you want to eat downstairs and on the upper floor there are raw fish restaurants available. The tables were set up beside the windows so you can enjoy the seaside view while eating.

Jagalchi Market
Jagalchi Market building
Jagalchi Market (2)
As we enter the Jagalchi Market building..clean market!
Jagalchi Market
Seaside view at the restaurant
Snacking at Jagalchi Market (2)
Full table of sauces and side dishes
Snacking at Jagalchi Market (1)
Fried fish
Snacking at Jagalchi Market (4)
Raw fish!

Yes! We did buy octopus..LIVE octopus! I was so scared to try them at first because it was still moving, but I challenged myself and picked one, dip it in the sauce and slowly put it in my mouth. It doesn’t smell fishy because it was still fresh and it has a chewy feeling and the taste? IT WAS SO GOOD! You guys should try it when you visit Busan next time!

Snacking at Jagalchi Market (3)
Live octopus!

After we gobbled the delicious foods, only then we started going around the market. Inside and outside the building were full of various kinds of seafood. Any kind of seafood that you might think of were sold there! Anything! It’s a seafood haven!

Fresh market Busan (1)
Many type of abalone
Fresh market Busan (2)
Even though they showed the prices here, negotiating is still allowed. Hence practice your Korean language (or maybe some aegyo skills) so you can get a good price! Lol
Fresh market Busan (3)
Look at those big fish!!
Fresh market Busan (4)
Outside market

We went for lunch at the most famous noodle place in Busan called MilMyeon noodles. Eat again! Yeay! This time we were served with cold noodles with spicy sauce.

Milmyeon in Busan
Spicy cold noodles! Look at the color.so red! Even though I’m a big fan of spicy food..this is too spicy for me. ><

After stuffing our self with food, we went to enjoy a movie at Megabox Haeundae. Most of the BIFF film were shown here. There are two movies for us to choose in order to fit in our schedule; Ode to My Father or The Silenced.  Since I have watched Ode to My Father before, I chose The Silenced starring Park Bo Young and Park So Dam. If you are a fan of mystery-thriller film/drama, you should not miss this film. I was actually expecting a severe horror film but it wasn’t. I shouldn’t be a spoiler here, so you should watch the movie by yourself :p My rating : 3 out 5.

Megabox Haeundae Busan
Megabox Haeundae in Busan
The Silenced ticket
The Silenced ticket


In conjunction with BIFF, the actor or actress usually will make a public appearance for a short meet and greet with the fans. So, after the movie ended, we had a chance to meet the director, Lee Hae-young and the actress of The Silenced, Park Bo Young and the co-actress Park So Dam. Yay! Open Q & A session were held where the public could ask any questions on the movie.

The Silenced meet & greet
Meet & greet session with the director and the actress of The Silenced
Park Boyoung and Park Sodam
Park Bo-young and Park So-dam are the lead actresses in The Silenced movie

Our next stop was Haedong Yonggungsa! Haedong Yonggung Temple is a Buddhist temple located at Gijang-gun, Busan. It is a large temple with a breathtaking view since it is located near the sea. More info and photos here!

Beautiful view of Haedong Yonggungsa
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (7)
Seaside view
Group picture
Korea Joa members and staff. Picture credit to Johnny Au from the AU Review

It’s getting late and we were getting hungry so we went out for dinner. It’s a famous place for Jajangmyeon (Black Bean noodles) and Jjamppong (Spicy Seafood noodles). If you are a Korean food fan, you know it’s hard to choose between the two right? Since I’m a fan of spicy food, so Jjampong it is for me! You can also choose rice instead of noodles.

Jjamppong (Spicy Seafood noodles)
Jajangmyeon (Black Bean noodles)

The sky was getting darker as we finished our dinner and we decided to enjoy the night view of Busan. We heard Gwangan Bridge is pretty famous for its night view. We took a round trip cruise from Haeundae to Gwangan Bridge. The fare for adult is KRW22,000 and KRW13,000 for children. It was definitely worth it! Even though my brain was almost frozen because I left my jacket in the hotel. The weather during the day was just nice, I didn’t expect that the night would be freezing cold, windy and chilly.

Gwangan Bridge (1)
The cruise that we took
Gwangan Bridge
Gwangan Bridge
Gwangan Bridge (3)
Beautiful night view at Gwangan Bridge

It was a very short trip to Busan so we can’t just waste our time in the hotel room, so, after freshening up and some rest, we went out again for noraebang (karaoke)! It’s just next door from our hotel, so we just walked there. The most interesting part of Korean noraebang is they have tambourines for you to play and also score marks for each time you sing.ㅋㅋㅋ That concludes our activities for the third day. Stay tuned for our next travelogue coming up soon.^^

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