[Travelogue] Korea Joa DAY 4 – Back to Seoul and iKON Debut Concert

October 3rd, Saturday – After our last hotel breakfast in Busan, we checked out from IBIS Hotel and back to Seoul by bus. We were able to get some sleep in the bus before we stopped at another Highway Stop point: Chupung-Ryeong Service Area for a quick lunch.

Day 3 Korea Joa

Chupung-Ryeong Service Area
Highway Stop point : Chupung-Ryeong Service Area
Deli Manjoo and Cafebene
DeLimanjooooooooo~ And Chocolate Frappe for me. Yumss~~!!

We arrived in Seoul around 3.30pm, and checked in again at Ritz Carlton. But this time we were put into a different room with a different view, plus a bathtub!!! Lol

Ritz Carlton (1)
Our new room at Ritz Carlton
Ritz Carlton (2)
The view from our hotel room

We had only 30 minutes to quickly change as we need to rush for an early dinner and yes, iKON debut concert! The highlight of our schedule that day. Before anything, let’s feed ourselves with an early dinner, since we need more energy for the concert!

Vegies hotpot with anchovy-based soup!
Rice ball
Noodles and Rice ball wrapped with Salad

Dinner checked! Ticket checked! Wristband checked! Finally, we were ready for iKON Debut Concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Again, we were divided into 3 groups, since we were assigned to three different zone in the stadium. My zone was exactly in the middle of the second floor which has a very nice view of the stage.

iKON debut concert ticket
Entrance ticket to iKON Debut Concert Showtime
YG provided the concert attendees with this awesome wristband which lights were remotely controlled to match the music. Thumbs up for the idea!
Olympic stadium Seoul
In front of the stadium

As we got into the stadium we were amazed by the amount of concert attendees. The standing zone looks packed with iKON’s loyal fans. Luckily we were given seated area. Blame my age, I don’t think I am strong enough to stand with a lot of people throughout the concert. Haha.. And I was right, the moment the concert started and the boys were on stage, I saw people in the pit area moving forward so they can get a closer look at the boys. Hence, few fans were squeezed at the front spotted fainting and rescued by the concert staff. The concert was stopped temporarily, and fans in the standing area were urge to step backward to give some space to breath as well as to avoid injury from being too close to the fireworks launcher. Luckily nothing worse happened, and the concert resumed after 20 minutes or so.

Ikon debut concert crowd
Half of the crowd inside the stadium
iKON debut concert
Beatiful crowd at iKON debut concert

My personal favourite performance of the night, was Bobby’s solo performance (video below). I have always adored his talent even before he debuted with iKON, and listening to his live rap was something precious to me. He was literally spitting fire through his rap, you can’t help but get drawn into his performance. Of course hip hop night means nothing without the ‘otai’ of the Korean hip hop world like Jinusean and Epik High. They made a special guest appearance to support their hoobae and sang a few songs for their fans.


Overall we enjoyed the concert so much! It was my first time listening to iKON’s songs, and I already like some of them. I’m looking forward to what iKON have to show us in the future. We have compiled five highlights during the concert, do check them out!

After that we went back to the hotel to rest and recharge for the next day!

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