[Exclusive] SISTAR received this interesting gift from fans

K-popped! and other Korea Joa members were in Korea last month, and we got to sit down with SISTAR to find out many interesting things about this quartet! With so many hit songs under their belt, there is no doubt that SISTAR is among the top girl groups in Korea. Consisting of four beautiful and talented members namely Hyorin, Soyou, Bora and Dasom, SISTAR is well known for their sexy and healthy image.


SISTAR is not only famous for their singing and dancing, they also do well on variety shows. They have appeared in a lot variety shows such as ‘Hello Baby’, ‘Running Man’, ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘SISTAR Showtime’, and many more. Nevertheless, there are still variety shows that the SISTAR members wished they could join. According to Bora, they wish to appear on the variety shows called ‘3 Meals a Day’ and ‘Infinity Challenge’.

Being famous celebrities, they have received a lot of love and gifts from fans. So, among all the gifts, what is the most strangest one or the one that they remember the most? Dasom said there was a time when they moved out from their dormitory, and a fan sent them a heart-shaped seaweed. She thought that was interesting gift because it conveyed the fan’s heart, to remind them to have meal regularly and to eat well.

For more deets, check out our video interview with SISTAR below!


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