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People all around the world know how legendary Google is. Although Google is known as the most popular search engine in the world, it is not the case in the following countries. NAVER is the top search engine in Korea, while in China, it is monopolized by Baidu.

green naver factory

As a part of our Korea Joa schedule, we had a chance to visit Naver Green Factory on the 7th day of the trip. The Green Factory is the headquarters of the NHN Corporation, a well known company for providing one of Korea’s top search engine portal NAVER, mobile messenger app LINE, and the latest live streaming video V App.

So, what’s so cool about this building? Built in March 2010 in Jeongja, Bundang, all of the spaces in the building are colored by NAVER’s culture and philosophy. The instructor told us when they built this building they tried to design everything with an eco-friendly focus, like saving water and electricity, and improving the energy operation efficiently. Now, let’s take a look whats inside this giant company!

Upon entering the lobby, a huge Brown plushie was hanging from the ceiling to welcome us.

Naver Green Factory (15)

The receptionist counter is located on the ground floor, next to the main door. Here you can talk to the staff and get any information you need. Plus, they can speak English very well.

Naver Green Factory (1)

Are you a fan of LINE characters? There are various kind of LINE merchandises available at the Naver pop-up store and you can even sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee here.

Naver Green Factory

Naver Green Factory (3)

Apparently, the lobby on the ground floor can be accessed by public. This is one of the ‘cooler’ areas where people usually hang around to read magazines, having discussions or just sitting around doing nothing.  You think this place is cool? Let’s go upstairs where a more cool and fancy area are located.

Naver Green Factory (2)

The NAVER library consists of two floors which the public can access freely. For seniors, veterans or retired employees who have nothing to do at home, they can work at the library to kill time.

Naver Green Factory (14)

The library’s design concept is ‘Forest’ and the shelves are designed like a ‘Maze’.

Naver Green Factory (4)

Naver Green Factory (5)

This is another area where you can just relax in a cozy corner.

Naver Green Factory (6)

The ‘Connect Hall’ is the place to hold the seminars, conferences, and even the weddings for their staff.

Naver Green Factory

Starting from this level up, you might need a staff/visitor access card to enter each floor. Their elevator system is ridiculously cool and will leave you in awe. This high speed elevator only has 2 buttons inside which is ‘Open’ and ‘Close’. There is an electric board which we entered our desired floor and the board will assign you to the suitable box.

Naver Green Factory

You have to be healthy and fit to work, so here is the NAVER Fitness Center! They have five professional fitness trainers working here. They have a program to strengthen your muscles and etc. Before the programme, the trainers will check your body conditions like measuring the fat percentages, muscle percentages and more. Cool!

Naver Green Factory (7)

Naver green factory

How many calories can you burn if you take stairs instead of elevators? These stairs will tell you…

Naver Green Factory (8)

The European style floor has a health care center, 24-hour convenience store, bank and many more. You can take care of your stuff without exiting this building. Awesome!

Naver Green Factory (10)

Naver Green Factory (9)

Here are the male and female recovery room. There are personal assistants working here during the day. You can take showers, have a short nap and even have a massage here. Wow, like seriously?

Naver green factory (2)

Naver green factory (1)

Next is the green cafe for employees. With the state of our currency right now, you might want to cry when you see the prices. One can of Cola is 100 KRW! Most of the snacks are priced under 1000 KRW and one set of lunch is about 5000 KRW to 6000 KRW. NAVER has 2,500 employees and they are so lucky!

Naver Green Factory (11)

Bean bagsssss!! NAVER has so many cute, fun and awesome areas for their employees to hang out.

Naver Green Factory (12)

Naver Green Factory

Obviously NAVER has such an ideal working environment that you can never possibly imagine! Employees are encouraged to find their most comfortable space, walk around as much as they want and get inspired. Impressed? We can tell everyone wants to send their resume here!


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