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V App from NAVER

V is a global live-streaming video application launched by IT service company NAVER, also the parent company of global messenger LINE. The service was officially launched on early September 2015. V App is made only in 3 months by top 10 developers who own special technologies and experiences in video field.

V App

Compared to 25 groups joined in V on July, the number of k-pop celebrity lineups increased to 63 including musicians and actors on October – two months after beginning the service. With these trends, V became a global live-streaming video service of top-celebrities.

v app bigbang

As a global service sailing with hottest K-pop groups including BIGBANG, SM TOWN, INFINITE, KARA and GOT7, more than 610,000 users in 170 countries has downloaded V App after its first releases. As of now, millions users from 210 countries are watching V App including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, US, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and many more. Also, it is expected to more global stars and non-Korean celebrities will join the lineup later.

V App GOT7

The contents in V app comprise three categories:
1) Special Live – videos of concerts and other entertainment events.
2) App Live – for celebrities to provide self-developed contents with topics including beauty, cooking, education and personal counselling
3) Spot Live – sneak peak into daily life of a celebrity

Have you downloaded the app? V App is available for Android and iOS.

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