DAY6 First Fan Meeting in Singapore

Within 3 months of debuting, JYP‘s new boy band DAY6 has successfully mesmerized their fans all over the world. After holding their first overseas showcase in Taiwan, they were in Singapore to meet their fans, whom are aptly named Sundays.

The six-member group held a fan meeting for fans as a way to show their gratitude for their endless love and support they received during their debut promotions. The fan meeting was held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

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They started the showcase with ‘Out of My Mind‘ and ‘Habits‘. After the opening performance, the boys greeted their fans and said it was their first time ever in Singapore but they felt loved and welcomed upon their arrival. The boys then continued their performance with a cover song from One Republic – ‘Stop and Stare‘, and Wonder Girls – ‘Nobody‘. The crowd were screaming and cheering out of loud, bringing excitement to the showcase.

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Day6 then started a lucky draw. They had to pick 12 fans to join them on the stage for games session. The lucky fans were invited up on the stage for the game dubbed “Identity”. The fans were blindfolded and they needed to guess the identity of the voices. The boys were so into the game as they even changed their voices to make their fans confused. Three fans managed to guess the right voices so they made it to the next level and fought again for the opportunity to win first place. The lucky girl guessed the identity correctly and she got a chance to take a selfie photo with all Day6 members!

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Then they continued with the next game. The second game was a guessing game. They were divided into 2 teams. The first person in the line had to draw and visualize it and the next person had to draw based on what they see on the whiteboard. All the fans can see the members’ talents in drawing. Dowoon has captivated fans’ hearts because he drew a beautiful unicorn but the right answer was an elephant! The winning group also got a chance to take a selfie photo with their partner.

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After the game session, the boys continued their performance with ‘Like a Sun‘ and ‘Colors‘. Then, the fans prepared a special video for them and a surprise birthday celebration for YoungK who will be celebrating his birthday on December 19. YoungK felt so touched with the cake and all the fans were singing a birthday song together in the hall. YoungK then thanked everyone and said “You guys are amazing!” and asked the fans when they prepared all these things.

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Finally, their debut track ‘Congratulation‘ was saved as the last song. The boys were very touched because as soon the song started the fans sang along together with them. Then, the boys went backstage and fans kept on chanting ‘Encore’ for them to return onstage. Day6 came back on stage and kicked off their encore performance with a medley featuring some of Bruno Mars’s songs – ‘Grenade‘, ‘Count on Me‘ and ‘Runaway Baby‘.

Before ending the showcase, the boys said a few words to their fans; Wonpil said that this is his first time here and he thanked all the fans for their love. He also didn’t expected all this happen and hopes to repay all the love fans had shown that night.

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YoungK revealed that his parents were in the audience and they flew all the way from Toronto. It was his father’s first time seeing his performance.

Next is Junyeok’s turn. Junhyeok made all the fans burst into laughter with his cute English, “Sorry, I don’t speak English well, only Korean!” He also mentioned that the concert day was his mom’s birthday so he’s going to work very hard and earn money so he can bring his mother to Day6’s concert in the future. “I love you guys as much as I love my mother!”

During Jae’s turn he revealed, “You guys made me feel smart because when I say something, you guys would just scream! Yo Singapore! We love the food, the atmosphere, and I hope you guys had so much fun as we did! “

With that, Day6’s first fan meeting in Singapore was successfully wrapped up with the last song ‘Freely‘. Next, Day6 will be going to Thailand in December for their next fan meeting.

Written by: Izanchans

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