[Event Coverage] Monsta X and SISTAR joined forces for a fan meeting in Singapore

The recent Monsta X & Sistar Fan Meeting in Singapore was one-of-a-kind collaboration stage where it combined a fan meeting of two talented Starship Entertainment groups. Monsta X is a South Korean hip hop boy group formed in May 2015 under Starship Entertainment which is the same label as the hottest KPOP girl group, Sistar. The group consists of seven members: Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M.

MonstaX fan meeting in Singapore (10)

The fan meeting on 6th December was kicked off by SISTAR singing to their latest song “Shake It” followed by “Don’t Be Such A Baby” and “I Swear”. SISTAR said they are happy to be here in Singapore but unfortunately Soyou couldn’t be there to join them.

Next up was Monsta X’s first debut stage in Singapore. Monsta X sang “Trespass” on their first stage ever. The next song was their ballad song “Perfect Girl”.

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SISTAR took back the stage by singing “Lead Me” and their sweet song “Loving You”. SISTAR played a game with their lucky fans after this performance where they need to pair up and play a telepathy game by choosing the same stuff like the one that their own partner choose without telling each other. The winner will get to take a selfie with SISTAR and Dasom’s team won! SISTAR continued their performance with “Crying” followed by their sexy song “Ma Boy”. SISTAR ended their stage by singing to their hit song “Touch My Body”.

MonstaX fan meeting in Singapore (11)

Monsta X came back onto the stage with “Rush” and even came down from the stage towards their audience. The fans are all hyped up and screamed like crazy when seeing their idol coming really close them. The next performance was “Honestly” and a lucky girl was picked to sit on the stage and get serenaded by Monsta X! All of the fans down there screamed of jealousy.

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After that, 7 lucky fans get to a play game with Monsta X. They played the eye staring contest! Shownu and his partner won and the winner get to take selfie with all of Monsta X members! Monsta X ended their performance by singing to “Hero” and a shocking announcement was made to end the fan meeting. Fans who are going to the Hi-Touch session with Monsta X will get to Hi-Touch with SISTAR too! Woots!

Written by: Sheila Lee

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