K-Dramas of 2015: Memorable On-Screen Couples


The year 2015 has drawn to a close and to start off the new year (ooh… I can’t wait to see all those new K-dramas), let’s take a look at the memorable on-screen couples that had many K-drama fans want to ‘ship them in real life.

1) Healer

HEALER: Adorable pairing of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young

Ditzy Park Min Young meets a hero that she only knows as ‘Healer‘… and the romance begins! After countless chases, she finally realises that the hero she came to love is actually none other than the dumb office boy (Ji Chang Wook) that she fools around with everyday. Simply adorable, these two! 🙂

Enjoy the ‘Healer’ OST ‘Eternal Love‘ by Michael Learns To Rock!

2) Mask

MASK: Joo Ji Hoon and Soo Ae make a sweet couple

Straight-faced Joo Ji Hoon and Soo Ae with a dual identity initially did not match up well, but when Soo Ae shows her caring side to Ji Hoon, he falls head over heels in love. Despite knowing that she was not a chaebol‘s daughter as she claimed to be, he still loved her for her personality. This couple showed that true love exists! Oh how we wish it does happen in real life too…

Check out drama OST queen Lyn‘s ‘Only One Day‘ for ‘Mask’ below!

3) The Girl Who Sees Smells

THE GIRL WHO SEES SMELLS: Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung, the gag couple

What happens when you pair a policeman without a sense of taste and an intern with an extreme sense of smell (till she can see smells)? You get a gag couple! Okay, we’re serious here.

Park Yoochun‘s character meets Shin Se Kyung, a gag woman wannabe who happens to share the same name with his sister, who was murdered in a gruesome way. In their attempt to sniff out (pun intended) the murderer, they realise that they might be fated to be together. Super funny couple, this one!

We absolutely love Loco and G-Friend’s Yuju‘s OST for ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’!

4) Six Flying Dragons

SIX FLYING DRAGONS: Byun Yo-Han and Jung Yu-Mi are childhood sweethearts

Six Flying Dragons is by far the best sageuk (historical drama) for 2015, and it’s currently still on its 50-episode run. Although not the leading man and woman, Byun Yo-Han and Jung Yu-Mi are a memorable couple who were childhood sweethearts.

Despite the scars and time spent apart, they still hold deep feelings for each other when they reunite as adults amidst the war time. We’ll continue to root for these two and hope for a happy ending 🙂

Check out the OST ‘Time Flows By Since It’s You‘ by JYJ member Xia Junsu below!

5) Oh My Venus

OH MY VENUS: So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah made exercising look sexy

So Ji Sub is a celebrity fitness trainer cum doctor and he meets Shin Min Ah, a chubby lawyer (who used to be a Daegu beauty) that experiences a medical emergency on board a flight. Ever since their fateful encounter, he keeps crossing her path and had to help her out every time.

Then he starts training her on a weight loss program… and boom! They fell deeper in love with each couple exercise they do together. Single ladies, shall we start looking for our Mr Right in the gym next?

Check out the sickly sweet ‘Darling U‘ OST for ‘Oh My Venus’ below!

That’s a wrap and we hope to see a better K-drama line-up in 2016! Don’t forget to share with us your favourite on-screen couples for 2015 in the comments below!

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