Make Yourself ‘Happy Once Again’ This January 21st With Oh!K

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This January 21st, immerse yourself in whirlwind romances and love stories with the premiere of Korea’s latest series, Happy Once Againon Oh!K (Astro B.yond Channel 394)!

The series will star popular celebrities in the likes of Jang Na-ra, Yoo Da In, Yoo In Na, Seo In Young, Jung Kyoung Ho and Kwon Yool. Fans can also look forward to a special guest appearance from popular girl group singer, Sandara Park (2NE1)!

The series follows the lives of four singers from a disbanded girl group called ‘Angels’.  Delving deep into their personal lives, it features their journey through love and crushing heartbreak. Recently divorced, Han Mi Mo (Jang Na-ra) hopes to revive her broken notion of love by working at a marriage-consulting firm that helps couples find love once again.

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Also working at the consulting firm is Baek Da-jung (Yoo Da In), fellow band mate who on the surface lives a life of luxury. Remaining characters, Hong Ae-ran (Seo In Young) works in commerce while Go Dong-mi (Yoo In Na) is an elementary school teacher – currently single; she finds her life is plagued with loneliness.

While each girl has taken different paths in life, they still remain close friends, working together to get a second chance at happiness.

Check out the music video for the OST ‘Always For You’ by the girl group Angels in the K-drama! So cute…

‘Happy Once Again’ premieres every Thursday and Friday at 8.55pm, exclusively on Oh!K. Do stay tuned!

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