WINNER The Most Searched Term On Youtube Malaysia

Woots! YouTube Malaysia just announced that YG Entertainment’s idol group WINNER was the number one search term for the second week of February 2016!

WINNER sentimental

WINNER just recently made a comeback with 2 tracks, ‘Baby Baby’ and ‘Sentimental’, from their latest album ‘EXIT:E’ . With our population of 29 million, it is rare to see a K-pop related video topping the charts. Looks like Malaysian K-pop fans were anticipating this comeback as much as other k-pop fans all over the globe.

Below is the full ranking list for search terms on Youtube Malaysia for the second week of February 2016:

2) Ola Bola
3) 2016 新年 歌 (New Year Song)
4) Fine Bros
5) Mat Motor

If you have yet to watch their music videos, check them out peeps!

The ‘Sentimental’ music video has 4 million views as of the time this article is being written. A witty track, the music video is also visually witty as it is shot from the perspective of seeing each member of the group in their own rooms with their different charms. Guess who is the wittiest in this music video?

‘Baby Baby’ also currently has around 3.6 million views, and we’re pretty sure the numbers will continue to add up fast. The music video opens with a short clip of WINNER’s acceptance speech at winning an award for their last album and we hope that is a sign that they will continue that winning streak with their latest album!

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