Come Rain or Shine, MINHO is here

It was scorching hot in the afternoon when MINOZ (Lee Min Ho fanclub name) started queuing in front of the main entrance of Pavilion KL. Lee Min Ho was due to make an appearance for his Meet and Greet session with the fans at 6pm. Around 5.30 pm, rain started falling down, but the fans didn’t leave the venue.

DSC05211l (2)

Fans were waiting in and outside of the mall, lo and behold, the screams from fans inside the venue were heard before Lee Min Ho appeared on stage. All smiles and charming, he greeted the fans with “Selamat Datang, Apa Khabar Malaysia, it has been a long time and I missed all of you” and flashed his irresistible smile.

DSC05137 (2)

“Thank you for coming and supporting me even though it is raining here” chimes Min Ho who flew in on Thursday night. This was not his first time in Malaysia, as this marks his sixth visit to Malaysia.

“This is not my first time in Malaysia, so I know that Malaysian fans are warm and friendly. I always enjoy my trip here. Malaysia is beautiful in so many ways. I would like to come back here as a tourist and enjoy the various interesting spots in Malaysia. Saya cinta kamu!” he said, igniting more scream from the fans.

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Lee Min Ho gave out pre-autographed calendars and took group photos with lucky fans who were selected via lucky draw at the KyoChon store.

Check out more pictures from the meet and greet on our Facebook page and here!

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