EXO Charms Fans at the last stop of The EXO’luXion World Tour

EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion World Tour was successfully held on Saturday, 12th March 2016 at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is not a foreign place to the EXO members as this marks the 4th time they were in Malaysia for events; the Asian Super Showcase (2012), Golden Disk Award (2013) and MTV World Stage (2013), yet this is the group’s first concert in Malaysia since their debut. The boys have been very busy during their 2nd tour, going all over the world, not just Korea, China and Japan, but countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, US and Canada. Malaysia was not included in the first series of their World Tour, but this year we are lucky enough to be last stop of EXO’s EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion World Tour before their encore concert in Seoul on 18, 19, and 20th March 2016.

EXO performing Overdose (3)

Jointly presented by Spritzer Mineral Water and Robsonhill Residency, the concert started 10 minutes later than the scheduled time of 8PM. EXO appeared on stage with golden jackets and kickstarted their concert with ‘Overdose’ and ‘History’ before moving forward to the extended stage for ‘El Dorado’. They stopped for awhile to welcome their fans to the concert and did a self introduction session to the crowd. Chen even greeted “Selamat Datang” in Malay while Lay spoke in Chinese to communicate with their fans. After greeting the crowd, the boys continued to perform ‘Don’t Go’ and ‘Playboy’. The stage was decorated with beautiful fireworks during the ‘Playboy’ stage. The boys continued serenading the crowd with ‘Baby Don’t Cry’. Kai and Sehun had their own sweet time to show off their sexy dance moves, and they even cooled themselves by pouring bottles of water on their head, making fan girls go into a scream frenzy. The vocal line consisting of Suho, Baekhyun and D.O took over the stage and sang ‘My Answer’ right afterwards.

EXO performing Overdose

While the second VCR (My Turn To Cry) was being played on the screen, the boys had a short break before performing the second set of their songs. The boys changed into red suits and reappeared on stage for ‘The Star’, ‘Exodus’ and threw their jacket during the ‘Hurt’ stage. Another VCR was played on the stage, and this time the 9 members of EXO turned into cute dwarfs and appeared on the stage singing ‘Peter Pan’, ‘XOXO’, ‘Lucky’ and ‘3.6.5’. It was a cute yet energetic performance from the boys.

EXO performing History (4)

Although it’s been three months since Christmas had passed, the boys insisted on turning the stadium into a Christmas party. Well, Suho said it was because they didn’t get to celebrate the past Christmas with Malaysian fans. Despite the members complaining Malaysia was hot and they were sweating more than usual, the Christmas party was still on. They performed ‘Christmas Day’, ‘First Snow’ and ‘Miracles in December’. This probably was the ‘hottest’ Christmas party they had.Lol Nevertheless, EXO showed the best fan service to their fans.

After another short break and a change of outfits, the boys continued with another set of performances; ‘Full Moon’, ‘Machine’, ‘Drop That’‘Let Out the Beast’ and ‘Run’. Everyone were on their feet singing together to the songs. As the concert was getting near to the end, EXO was performing the last set of their songs. ‘Call Me Baby’‘Growl’; the song that shot them to stardom, and ‘Love Me Right’.

EXO performing History (2)

As fans still can’t get enough of the boys, they chanted “We Are One” asking for an encore stage. While waiting for the encore stage, the fans suddenly started singing “Sing For You” as a part of the fan project. You guys are awesome EXO-L!

The boys appeared on stage for the last time singing ‘Sing For You’ and ‘Unfair’. During the last chat with the fans, the boys asked if the fans felt sad because it was their last stop? Definitely!:( Because the weather was so hot, the boys feel sorry for the fans, and wish they can bring all of them to Korea. Suho said, ‘Are you guys going to school tomorrow? If no, then let’s go to Seoul tomorrow!’  We wish Suho..We wish!

Fans suddenly started singing a birthday song, making all EXO members confused, asking whose birthday is it? It turns out it was Xiumin’s birthday on 26th March, so the fans decided to celebrate it early. Looking all confused but still happy, Xiumin thanked the fans for the surprise. The boys said “Since we can’t celebrate it together when it comes, let’s celebrate it now,” and sang the birthday song again. That was so sweet of you guys!

EXO performing El Dorado

As one of the top group in Hallyu scenes, EXO managed to bring over 14,000 local and overseas fans from Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, China, Singapore and etc. The production stage setup kick-started with large containers flown in from abroad included gigantic high-definition screens, state-of-the-art audio, and visual, pyro, hydraulic lifts, mini pools and stage extended well into the audience. The expenses on stage production is close to RM 2 million and the total production moved on more than 30 trucks with about 300 crews. Well, that was expected from a large scale concert!

Despite the mess and angry fans before the concert, coupled with the bad weather on the concert day, the concert was successfully executed. We believed everyone who attended the concert had so much fun as much as we did!

EXO performing History (1)

Special thanks to Star Planet for the invitation. We hope to see more of EXO in the future! More photos on our facebook page.

Set list of The EXO’luXion in Malaysia

1.     Overdose
2.     History
3.     El Dorado
4.     Don’t Go
5.     Playboy
6.     Baby, Don’t Cry
7.     My Answer
8.     The Star
9.     Exodus
10.   Hurt
11.   Peter Pan
12.   XOXO
13.   Lucky
14.   3.6.5
15.   Christmas Day
16.   First Snow
17.   Miracles in December
18.   Full Moon
19.   Machine
20.   Drop That
21.   Let Out the Beast
22.   Run
23.   Call Me Baby
24.   Growl
25.   Love Me Right
26.   Sing For You
27.   Unfair
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