VAV revealed their hidden secret through webtoon, Lost in Memories

VAV who held their debut showcase on Halloween day last year to make a comeback with new album and released their 2nd album webtoon collaboration [Lost in Memories].


The webtoon story is telling the origins of each VAV member. Their hidden secrets will revealed through the story. And also, continued with 1st album ‘Under the Moonlight’, it tells people about VAV birth story and how VAV find out their untold destiny.

VAV new series of webtoon [Lost in Memories] will be shown on every Monday and Wednesday at 7PM through VAV’s official Facebook. Teaser of the story also will be released 30 mins before the webtoon to let readers get to know more about the each episode a little more clearly by posting the summary of the story.

vav webtoon story trailer ep1_eng
[Trailer] Lost in Memories Ep.1
 VAV is currently gearing up for their comeback. The concept for VAV’s comeback is very different from their previous debut song ‘Under the Moonlight’. Previously, they had a mysterious vampire concept, but this time it’s powerful with hip-hop swag. Is it possible for VAV to prove their hip-hop credibility? Please stay tuned for it.

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