Amazing Josh Kua at his 1st Concert

Josh Kua – the talented violinist performed at his first solo concert Relentless at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC), Sentul for 2 days in April. The concert, organized by HENC Entertainment and Universal Music Malaysia attracts both classical and temporary music lovers.


It was a rainy night on the first night of the show, but it didn’t damper the fans of Josh Kua to come and watch him perform. The audience who came were a mixture of different ages, anticipating Josh Kua’s lovely serenade.  Started slightly later than the stated time, the waiting was soon forgotten once the man of the night steps on the stage.


The stage was filled with 10 dancers in school uniforms ala Britney Spears’ during Baby One More Time. But all are forgotten once Josh Kua appeared, starting with an intro and straight in with his own rendition of David Guetta’s Titanium.

The performance was then continued with the sweet sound of Colors of the Wind, a song that any Disney fan would know. Though the original song by Vanessa Williams were slow and calm, Josh Kua’s version were slightly up tempo, suitable with the mood of the night – bringing up the hype of the show. The stage were then joined with 10 dancers again, when the song Writings On The Wall were played. Josh played the violin as if he was playing with the emotions of the spectators. His rendition of the song was so good that it brings tears to ones eyes.

Other than having dancers accompanying Josh’s performance, Josh was also accompanied by Adrienne for Back at One and Like I’m Gonna Lose You. Josh also showed some acting skills when the two lovers (Josh and Adrienne) had a bit of a lovers spat, and Josh changed from playing the violin, to playing the piano while joining Adrienne on a duet of a famous Chinese song, Kiss Goodbye.


Josh Kua and Adrienne

Having performed for about 10 songs back to back, Josh had his well deserve break while the audience were introduced to a catwalk show by 6 beautiful models. The models were then joined by Josh, as he played one of his famous cover of the song Animals, originally by the Maroon Five. What comes next after having beautiful models parade on stage? A rhythmic Coex joined Josh on stage. Rhythmic I say? Yes, because Coex is a beatboxer. With Coex on stage with Josh Kua, it sounded like a whole band was also on stage. Yes, they were good together.


Josh thanks everyone who came and supports him

At the concert, Josh Kua also performed two of his original songs, including The Change. The Change was released a few days before the show. Closing the show, Josh promised the fans that a full album will be coming soon in the near future.


Good looking and talented Josh Kua

Attending a debut concert from a talented violinist who not only plays the violin, plays the piano, acts and also sing, makes us wonder what more can we expect from the 5’9″ guy who was also blessed with good looks. The audience were moved to tears, felt the joy of love and heartbreak of a love’s lost, and the colorful presentation of a model’s runway in one seating. A successful first concert, and we hope many more to come in the future. Congratulations, Josh Kua!

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