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iKON successfully finishes the first show of their Asia tour in Taipei

iKON successfully finished the first show of their Asia tour in Taipei.

On April 22nd, K-Pop boy band iKON held first show their new Asia tour, ‘iKONCERT 2016 [SHOWTIME TOUR],’ at Taipei Arena in Taipei, Taiwan.

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‘iKONCERT 2016 [SHOWTIME TOUR]’ is the first Asia tour of iKON, and a great number of K-Pop fans in the region showed explosive reactions for iKON’s visit. Reporters of major local presses like MTV, TTV, CTV, CTS, Apple Daily, Liberty Times, and Udn attended a press junket that was held prior to the concert, further indicating iKON’s colossal popularity in the region.

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A local official said, “iKON started growing popular in Taiwan when they were participating in a survival program, and a great number of K-Pop fans are showing huge anticipation for their first concert in Taipei. Teenagers are showing particularly hot reactions.”

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One of the reporters asked iKON members what sets iKON apart from many other K-Pop idol groups, and iKON members told that their ‘young blood’ sets them apart from other K-Pop bands. iKON opened the stage with ‘RHYTHM TA’ and ‘Dumb & Dumber,’ and continued the show with ‘SINOSIJAK,’ ‘MY TYPE,’ ‘APOLOGY,’ and ‘CLIMAX.’ The members ran around the entire stage to communicate with the audiences, diffusing overflowing energy. The members also deeply impressed the audiences with fluent English and Chinese, and they surprised the audiences with new covers of BigBang’s ‘BANG BANG BANG,’ GFRIEND’s ‘Me Gustas Tu,’ and EXID’s Up & Down.’

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The audiences showed explosive reactions for every song, and they sang all of the songs along in Korean lyrics. As iKON started performing ‘Wait For Me,’ the fans held up a giant banner that said ‘We Finally Met.’

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After finishing the concert, iKON members found cakes and gifts from their Taiwanese fans in their dressing rooms, and B.I said, “I would like to express sincere gratitude for welcoming us to Taiwan. The giant banner that the fans showed when we started performing ‘Wait For Me’ would remain as one of the most unforgettable memories of our career.”

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During concert press conference, iKON member’s talked about their ideal girl types. Chanwoo said he likes girls with cute attitude, meanwhile B.I said he likes iKONIC that with beautiful eyes, Jun-Hoe given all reporter a surprise answer which he likes YG president Mr. Yang most.

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