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B.A.P. Live On Earth 2016 Tour in Los Angeles

On April 17th, K-pop fans all over the United States decided it was perfectly fine to have a restless Monday by attending B.A.P‘s long-awaited return to Los Angeles for their Live on Earth 2016 USAwake! Tour.

Since 2014, the boys did not have any activities in United States. After announcing their return in March, enthusiastic BABYs already planned a heartfelt welcome for the talented performers!

BAP LOE2016 LA_02

The concert took place at one of the most decorated venues, the Microsoft Theater at Los Angeles Live. Thrilled fans eagerly waited outside the venue, taking pictures with the tour advertisement, passing out materials for fan projects, and lining up early to find their seat before B.AP. was brought on stage.

As the K-poppers waited nervously waited for the boys to make their grand entrance, the crew played pumped up music to prepare fans for the long awaited arrival of B.A.P!

BAP LOE2016 LA_01

The boys kicked off the night with none other than their debut song, ‘Warrior‘. BABYs astonished the performers by singing along to all the songs performed, which pumped B.A.P. to perform better than ever. The members also surprised fans by performing a few special stages, with solos from members Himchan and Youngjae, and a duo with Jongup and Yongguk. As a group, they performed both types of tracks- upbeat and wild.

B.A.P. worked very hard to create a memorable night for everyone. They have 4 more stops in North America and we know that those performance will be just as incredible and memorable as the one in Los Angeles. We hope to see the boys again soon!

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