[Exclusive] Interview with Xia Junsu on Latest Album ‘Xignature’

In conjunction with the release of Xia Junsu‘s fourth studio album ‘Xignature‘ on May 30, K-popped! had the privilege to have an exclusive interview with the talented singer himself!


1. Congratulations on the release of your fourth solo album! Can you share with us what is the meaning behind the title of your latest album ‘XIGNATURE’?

‘XIGNATURE’ is a mixed word using XIA and SIGNATURE. The meaning of the title of the album contains a meaning that the album delivers music that only XIA can digest and create as his unique signature of his music life.

2. Please share with us what should we expect to listen to in this new album.

I aimed to create a totally new type of album, transforming from my previous albums. This album contains various genres including Hip Hop, EDM, R&B, and Urban Tango etc. I have tried to challenge new genres that I have not been familiar with in the making of this album.


3. Why is the track ‘Rock The World’ chosen as the title song for this album? Can you describe the song to your enthusiastic fans who have been eagerly anticipating your comeback?

 I didn’t mean to choose a dance song as a title song of the album but right after listening to the song, ‘ROCK THE WORLD,’ I automatically decided to choose it as the title song of this album. Moreover, I think the song would be in the same vein with the other performance dance songs that were released in the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd albums.

The title song, ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ is composed by AUTOMATIC who has also worked with me for the title song INCREDIBLE of the 2nd official album. ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ is a song mixed with Hip Hop and dance music with explosive energy, and although it is carrying different kinds of styles, it is just a song though. I am also looking forward to great performance with the title song for all my fans in the world.

4. Please share with us some memorable moments during the process of making this latest album.

The song ‘No One Like You’ was the first recorded song for this album, so it could be the most memorable song for me this time. While having a record processing, I have usually relieved tension as time goes by, for the more, it was the time just right after finishing the musical ‘Dracula‘ that I starred in, so I felt like I was a bit getting used to sing in a musical. That was a reason that I tried to do all my best for adjusting my voice into the song and also focused to record this upcoming album. I am satisfied with the song personally, so I hope my fans would like it as well (laughs).

5. Out of all your songs, what is your favourite track so far? Why?

If I have to choose a song for this question, I would like to go ‘ROCK THE WORLD‘ and a double-title song of this album, ‘SWEET MELODY‘. I think the song has been well-made at that same time, it is successfully well-balanced with my voice and the featuring the voice of a female singer, Ben. The song is very lovely, it could be matched will with this refreshing summer time.


6. Right after starting pre-order service of the album, there are lot of enthusiastic response, creating explosive anticipation, how do you feel about it?

From my heart, I really appreciate all positive responses for this album. I made myself promise that I must do my best more and more with better music and performance in return.

7. It’s been a long time since you came to Malaysia. Do you plan to visit Malaysia soon, especially for a world concert tour? We have plenty of beautiful beaches and coconut trees around the country!

I definitely would like to meet all my fans in Malaysia through a great performance. Can’t wait. We’ll see (laughs).

8. Lastly, please leave a message for all your Malaysian fans!

Hi, all fans in Malaysia! This is XIA, it’s been a long time since saying hello to you all. On May 30, my 4th official album ‘XIGNATURE’ will be out. The album contains various genre of 13 tracks that I love. I wish you could also love it. Thank you for all your love and interest toward me as always, I appreciate it a lot. Hope to see you again soon. Thank you.

We hope you had a great time reading our exclusive interview with Xia Junsu and don’t forget to get your hands on his album ‘Xignature’! Check out the music video for ‘Rock The World’ and live performance ‘Is You’ below!

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