[Profile] Hwang Chi Yeol: Super Rookie Singer


Ever wondered of seeking fame when you are already past your thirties? Super rookie singer Hwang Chi Yeol shows us that you can achieve your dreams if you put enough efforts into it, no matter how old you may be!


Never give up in life if you find a closed door, because some day a door will open and opportunities will find its way to give you a better life. Such is the story of Hwang Chi Yeol, who officially debuted as a singer in 2007 but only rose to fame thanks to an appearance on reality show ‘I Can See Your Voice‘ in 2015.

After his debut in 2007, he appeared on television and radio shows for about a year but the company he signed on with closed due to financial difficulties, forcing him to take up part-time jobs. He eventually became a vocal coach till late 2014, working with idol groups such as INFINITE and Lovelyz. Below is a short profile of Hwang Chi Yeol.


  • Name: 황치열 / Hwang Chi Yeol / 黄致列 / Huang Zhi Lie
  • Nicknames: Ten2, Yeulyi, Yori, 7102
  • Profession: Singer and vocal trainer
  • Birth date: 3 December 1982
  • Birth place: Gumi, Gyeongsang, South Korea
  • Blood group: O
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Agency: HOW Entertainment

Hwang Chi Yeol’s appearance on ‘I Can See Your Voice‘ gave him the exposure he needed to relaunch his singing career. Check out his awe-inspiring rendition of Lim Jae Bum’s ‘Confession‘ below!

As one of the contestants of ‘I Am A Singer‘ Season 4, which was based in China, he took on challenges to capture the Chinese audience with a mixture of Korean and Chinese songs, and he even showcased his talents and dancing and bboying through his performances on the stage. But his self-introduction on the show was what resonated with the audience:

I moved up to Seoul from my hometown 10 years ago to make my dream come true. I taught as a vocal coach for a living and haven’t let go of the music. I went through tough patch and so many times I was thinking about giving up but I always kept my small dream of becoming a singer in my heart and I hoped that I would be singing in front of many people someday. Now I want to let many people hear my voice. I am Hwang Chi Yeol.

Some of his best performances on the show include a Chinese version of BIGBANG‘s ‘Bang Bang Bang‘, Park Jin Young‘s ‘Honey‘ and Wang Lee Hom‘s ‘Change Me‘. Check out his great performances below!

1. Bang Bang Bang

2. Honey

3. Change Me (Gai Bian)

Besides appearing on ‘I Can See Your Voice’ and ‘I Am A Singer’ Season 4 in China, Hwang Chi Yeol has also appeared in various shows such as ‘Immortal Song‘, ‘Radio Star‘, ‘Happy Together‘, and currently still on the rotating cast of reality show ‘I Live Alone‘.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavours with the hope that he continues singing for many more years to come. And a huge thank you to the PD who invited him to ‘I Can See Your Voice’! For that, we fans and listeners are eternally grateful!

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