[Exclusive] Xia Junsu’s Seoul Concert Press Conference Q&A


In the second round of K-popped.com‘s exclusive interview with Xia Junsu, we will share the thoughts of the talented singer on his concert tour at the press conference held in Seoul in conjunction with the start of the first leg of the tour on June 11, 2016. Read on below!



1. What is the main difference between this 4th album and previous ones?  

This album has been produced in 1 year and 3 months, containing 13 tracks. I always think that it’s essential to make high-quality official albums, so I have insisted to put total 13 tracks on it. I also feel very appreciated to all my fans who came to my concerts enthusiastically. The best I can do for all my fans to repay their love by giving a perfect concert performance, which is full of vibrant energy. In order to do that, I think creating new albums with different genre music with various attempt is crucial.

You may know that in the middle of working on this album, I have released “How Can I Love You” as the OST song of K-drama “Descendants of the Sun.” The response towards the song was way more enthusiastic than I expected, as I didn’t realize a light and sweet ballad could be loved that much. The pre-released song of the album, “Is You” is also a sweet-melody ballad, which was given lot of love. I really appreciate it. Actually, each of the 13 tracks in this album was expected to be a title song, and I hope you all would love it.


2. How was the making of ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ MV and its performance? 

I personally think that the “Rock The World” MV is quite different from others. I have worked on it with one of trendy art directors, Digipedi. In the MV, I have completed its dance performance with 20 dancers, they are going to be with me in the Seoul concert as well. I would like to enjoy an energetic atmosphere with my fans during this Asian tour concerts. As my album activities are based on stage performance, when I choose a title song of album, I have my own standard that the title song should be well-matched with stage performance. Actually, the song of “Rock The World” is quite challenging to do dance-performing, in order to digest the performance perfectly well, I have been doing work-out on a daily basis.


3. How do you feel having your solo concert in Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul? It has been a long time since your last performance.

First of all, I appreciate all the warm support towards me and my activities including songs and each performance shows. Then, I decide myself that I have to do my best on every stage during concerts. I feel so blessed and thankful to all my fans as well as the media for each concerts.


4. Many singers have been featured on your songs, are there any hilarious episodes with regards to it? 

There isn’t anything particular episode though, I have been into hip-hop music since 2 or 3 years ago. So, I have been working with many hip-hop musicians for my albums. Especially collaborating with well-known underground musicians including Sunwoo Junga and Jung key was the most awesome experience ever. In this manner, I feel like performance contents in this tour concert would be upgraded way more with various genres of music.  


5. In the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, are there any considerations that you have focused on before holding this concert in particular?

As my solo concert, it is the very 1st time I am performing in this venue. It is huge and spacy, so I am planning my performances with 20 members of dancing team so as to fill up this space enough. Furthermore, I have paid much attention to install projected stages for communicating more closely and smoothly with fans coming to my concert. I have clearly realized that you will not miss the whole scale difference with regard to stage compared to previous concerts. 


6. Before kicking off the 5th Asia tour concert, please share your feelings and aspirations towards it and share with us if there are some jinxs you have regarding concert schedules?

It’s been a while to hold an Asian tour concert, from this Seoul concert, I will proceed to Japanese cities; Nagoya, Yokohama and Kobe, as well as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou to a total of 15 concerts. I promise that I am going to give my best performance in each concert during this tour. With regard to jinx, it’s a bit strange to say, even though I am not a bathing-persons, I do lower body-bathing during tour season, it’s helpful a lot to create refreshing lyrics. 


7. What is the main message that you would like to deliver thru this <XIGNATURE> album?  

I would like to be truly me during performing in this Asian tour concert. I want to be honest inside and out, giving mind-blowing experiences through my music and my own style. I appreciate you all coming to this press conference. Thank you very much for all love toward my album and music. 


The upcoming schedule of XIA’s 5th Asia Tour Concert  is as below:

6/18~19 Nagoya Japan 
6/30~7/2 Kobe Japan 
7/5~6, 7/8~9 Yokohama Japan 
7/16 Guangzhou China 
7/23 Thailand
7/30 Shanghai China 
8/6 Hong Kong 


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