K-drama ‘Doctors’ Set To Sizzle This Summer On ONE HD!

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One of summer‘s most anticipated K-dramas is finally here! Watch ‘Doctors‘, starring Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Kyun Sang on ONE HD within 24 hours of its premiere on Korean television!

Yoo Hye-jeong (portrayed by Park Shin-hye) was a troublemaker in high school with a prickly personality. Due to her many childhood scars, Hye Jung keeps her heart closed towards other people. Thrown out of her house by her father after her mother’s death, Hye Jung lived with her grandmother, who tried to make her a better person.

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However, she changes after meeting her mentor Hong Ji-hong (portrayed by Kim Rae-won), who plays a key role in transforming her life from a “hopeless” delinquent to a compassionate doctor.

Check out the trailer for ‘Doctors’ in the link below!

Catch all the romance and action in ‘Doctors’ every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.10pm by tuning to ONE HD (Astro B.yond Channel 393)!

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