DAY6 First Fanmeeting in USA 2016

JYP’s first boy band is having their first U.S Tour during of August 2016. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear them play and sing live while interacting with their American fans! The rookie group consist of 5 members (Jae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon). They’ll be arriving very soon since August is only so far away!

Day6 1st Fanmeeting in USA

U.S Tour Schedule
LOS ANGELES: August 10, 2016 @8pm
SAN FRANCISCO: August 12, 2016 @8pm
ORLANDO: August 14, 2016 @7pm

Come watch each members rock out on their own instruments; Jae – Guitar, Sungjin – Guitar, Young K – Bass, Wonpil – Piano, Dowoon – Drums. Even before debut these boys have been playing, writing, composing and arranging all their music from scratch; truly talented idols that JYP has! Their debut song “Congratulations” and mini album “The Day” was released on September 7, 2015, and quickly rose to #1 on all korean music sites after it’s release.

They’ve proven their musicality by making it onto #2 on Billboard ‘World Albums’ chart just days after their debut. You won’t be seeing them on live shows but at busking events to be closer to fans! The boys have been endlessly travelling around Asia for concerts; their 1st Live Concert “‘DAY6 1st Live Concert ‘D-Day” sold out in 5 mins just 2 months after their debut! They have definitely proven their popularity and are slowly growing, gaining fans from all over the globe calling them to hold concerts in their cities!

U.S. definitely being one of the lucky ones for them to perform in, so if you haven’t yet, tickets are still available here at (LA and San Francisco) VVIP – $200, VIP – $180 Zone A – $130, Zone B – $80 Ticket and (Orlando) VVIP – $200, VIP – $180, Zone A – $130

*Ticket prices excludes tax and facility fees. There will be also be Official Merch sold as well! Follow Jazzy Group US on Facebook for more information and future updates about the fanmeet!

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