B.I.G ‘s First Showcase in Malaysia

B.I.G! Boys In Groove or better known by the name B.I.G has left a real big impact to the fans in Malaysia during their 3 days visit to Malaysia for their First Showcase in Malaysia. Debuted in July 2014, B.I.G is a group under GH Entertainment that consists of J-Hoon (Leader), Benji (Main Vocal), Gunmin (Main Dancer), Minpyo (Main Rapper) and Heedo (Rapper). After their successful debut in Japan last March, the boys finally visited Malaysia to meet their fans through their first showcase in Malaysia that has been held last weekend.


Press Conference

The Press Conference was held at Neway One Utama on Friday (22nd July). The boys appeared for the 1st time in front of the Malaysia’s media representatives with a very strong charisma. They introduced themselves one by one together with a ‘lil bit of introduction on their roles in the group. What amused us was when one of the member, Heedo introduce himself and then adding a ‘lil bit of spice to make us laugh by saying “saya kacak” (I’m Handsome) at the end of his intro.


They were asked about the places that they would like to visit in Malaysia, and J-Hoon mention that he wants to visit KLCC and take a selfie on the Skybridge. While the other members says they wanted to visit the park, strolling around and go visit a Pasar Malam, Minpyo would like to go to a place that is a bit further as he would like to visit Kota Kinabalu.


When the Emcee asked the members what are the Malay words/phrases that they wanna learn, once again the floor was filled with laugher as they were asking the emcee and the media rep to teach them something like “Awak saya punya” (You’re Mine), “Saya Kacak, awak cantik” (I am handsome, you are pretty) and “Comelll~~” (Cute) with a Malay slang.

During the Press Conference they also shared a bit of info on their ideal type  of girls and the foods that they want Malaysia fans to try during their trip to Korea. When being asked about the foods that they have tried here they said they enjoyed eating Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice and Roti Canai very much. They also voice out their desire on trying out the infamous Durian.


The 1st showcase at Summit USJ started precisely at 4pm. The concourse area was filled with scream and cheers from the fans as soon as they saw B.I.G on stage. B.I.G started their show with “Aphrodite” followed by “Take You Home” and “Taola”. After a little bit of introduction and saying hello to the crowd, they continued their showcase with a game session with the fans. The members personally pick their partner from the the big crowd of audiences. The card guessing game started with Benji and his partner as the 1st team followed by Heedo, Gunmin, J-Hoon and Minpyo. We personally think that J-hoon’s session was so funny as he kept on saying “What is this?” to most of the cards and keep skipping the card’s questions. What makes it even funnier how he gave up before the time even ended.


After the game, the boys continued with their performance of “Are you listening” and “Are you Ready”. Once the performance finished, the Emcee started to ask B.I.G members about the food they already tried during their stay, and they mentioned they like the “kueh nyonya” that has been served to them. The Emcee also asked J-Hoon whether he likes cake or not, but he mention that he don’t really like the cream on the cake but he changed his preference immediately when MYB.I.G fanbase prepared him a surprise birthday celebration together with a cake on stage. J-Hoon looked very surprised and touched with the event and suddenly mention that he loves cakes so much!


To end up their showcase performance, B.I.G performed “Hello” at the end before they started with the Photo and Fansign session with the fans.


The 2nd showcase in Berjaya Times Square was really hot! Not just the weather was hot since it was an outdoor showcase, but the crowd was even hotter!!! The Main Entrance was havoc with all the screams and chant from the fans when B.I.G showed up on the stage. Similar to the playlist on the day before with the same excellent energy or we can say even “sexier” from the day before, the boys suavely performed all the their songs to the fans.


And the game for the 2nd showcase was different to the 1st day. Today the members picked their partner to sing with them on the stage. The lucky fans need to sing the part of the song that has been personally selected by the members. It was amusing as the members need to teach the part which also contained Korean phrases. Heedo’s team cause great laughter to the crowd as his selected part featured a very fast rap phrase that need to be rap by his partner. This time around the winner crown goes to J-hoon’s  team!


To make B.I.G’s visit to Malaysia even more valuable and will always be remain in the boy’s heart, MYB.I.G has prepared another surprise celebration for them. The Boys were dazed and surprised when the “Happy Birthday” song was played in the background and the fan staff appeared on stage with their 2nd anniversary cake. The B.I.G members were so touched with the event and promised that they will always remember the showcase in Malaysia. The boys thanked all Malaysia fans for attending their showcase and promised that they will come back to Malaysia again one day.


We had a great time covering this B.I.G First showcase in Malaysia. We would like to give a big applause to i-Creative Events as they did a very great job on organizing this great event.

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