Road Boyz’ First Showcase in Malaysia 2016

Last weekend was a meaningful weekend for Road Boyz fans in Malaysia as i-Creative Entertaiment has brought the boyz to Malaysia for their 2 days showcases in Amcorp Mall & Sungei Wang Plaza!

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The boys of Road Boyz first met media representative during a press conference held in Neway Karaoke Box, One Utama. Road Boyz consists of 5 young men; Hwan, Myoha, Haneul, Zbell and Maca. At the press conference, each of the boys talked about their preferences in a girl and types of food they want to try in Malaysia. The band debuted back in November 2015 under Coconut Entertainment with the song ‘Show me Bang Bang’ and just recently made a comeback with ‘Shake Shake it’.

Roadboyz showcase Malaysia (2)

After a long wait by the fans, Road Boyz 1st Showcase in Malaysia finally started in Amcorp Mall. The 1st event brought together many fans not only from Malaysia, but also Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea. Road Boyz sang “Show me Bang Bang”,”Be My Love” “Venus” & “Shake Shake it” for the fans that attended the show. They also did a dance cover of BIG BANG’s song ‘Bang Bang Bang‘ and also TVXQ’s ‘Mirotic‘.

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The Showcase would’ve never be complete without a ‘bonding session’ with the fans. Road Boyz played a guessing game with 5 lucky fans that they have selected. It was hilarious since the members acted funnily on stage to describe the questions given. The Showcase ended after a photo and autograph session with the fans.

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Their show moved on to Sungei Wang Plaza on the second day. Despite of being rookies in the industry, it was impressive to see quite a number of fans that had attended their showcase for both days. Pretty similar to the first showcase, Road Boyz appeared with a strong charisma on the stage to entertain their fans and all the visitors in Sungei Wang Plaza.

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We believe that both showcases meant a lot to the Road Boyz especially Maca because the fans prepared a birthday suprise for him with cute cakes and a lovely birthday song. We can see that Maca was really touched as it was his 1st time celebrating his birthday with fans as an idol. We were also pleased to see his happiness.

Roadboyz showcase Malaysia (5)

It was an amazing weekend spent with Road Boyz and we bet their fans in Malaysia couldn’t get enough of the boys and hope that they will be coming back to Malaysia on their next tour. We also thank i-Creative Entertainment for giving us this great opportunity to cover this event!

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