[Exclusive] An Interview With Roy Kim

Roy Kim was recently here in Malaysia for his first promo tour, and we were lucky enough to get up close and personal with the man himself. Read on for our exclusive interview with the charming singer, Roy Kim!

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1) We gathered that you like traveling. Please share with us the most memorable episode while traveling with your dad. Did traveling with him gave you any new inspiration emotionally or musically?

I don’t think I can just choose one memorable thing while being with my dad. But I think it’s hard for people to think of going traveling with their dad; just thinking about it makes you sweat (nervous)!  But I realized when you actually do go somewhere, when you just buy the ticket, then you realize it’s not a hard thing to do and not uncomfortable. I guess at first, I imagined traveling with my dad will be really hard and uncomfortable, but in fact it’s just nothing, just (like) traveling with a friend. I will say that just buy the ticket right away and just go. And then you’d have the best memory with your dad.

2) What is the fastest song that you have composed and how long did you take to do so?

There’s a song called ‘It’s Christmas Day’. I wrote it after I had a concert in Busan, Korea. It took me, (I think) an hour to write it. I’m sure there’s something else I wrote faster but that song was one of the fastest.

3) Do you have any future plans to act in dramas? If so, what is the genre and what role do you envision yourself as?

I definitely want to try acting for sure, but first I have to take acting lessons. I don’t want to do overly romantic roles as I don’t think I can do cheesy stuff. But maybe some funny acting; like romantic comedies.

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4) How was your experience on ‘King Of Masked Singer’? As you have an unique voice, did you have any thoughts to change your voice to avoid been detected by the panelists and your fans?

Yes, I did ask the producer if I should change my voice and they said you could try, and I did try. It sounded bad. It sounded bad when I changed my voice. So I just did it my way, and even when people knew it was me, I felt happy that people knew my voice. I think I have made an identity with my voice, and I finally did it. Yeah, it was fun the whole way but it was tiring. I had to wait like 12 hours. And when I became the king, the waiting time was more than 10 hours!

5) Was it difficult for you to make up your mind to resume your studies in US or has it been in your plans all this while?

I don’t think it’s too difficult to resume my studies when I go back. It’s like coming back from a vacation, coming back from a break, just like any other student would be. So just think that education is not hard. It’s always not easy to just end my career and then go back. Studying itself is not that hard but especially during this vacation, many things happened like ‘King Of Masked Singer’, and other appearances on variety programmes that went really well in Korea. So it will better as a singer continue with that but I would like to graduate as well.

6) If you can only choose a type of food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh my god, one thing for the rest of my life?? Then I’d say chicken rice. Chicken rice is from Ipoh, right? It’s good! Yeah, with a little bit of chillies too. I’d say I need rice so I’m thinking of something with rice.

7) Name a song to dedicate to your fans and share your reasons for choosing it.

I wrote a song called ‘Thank You’ in my second album, and it’s like a bonus track. It was totally dedicated to my fans and yes I’d like to say thank you to all of you!

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That ends our exclusive interview with Roy Kim and we would like to thank Warner Music for the arrangements.

BONUS : Roy Kim left messages to his fans <3


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