[Movie Review] Train To Busan


For a K-drama fan like myself, Korean movies are out of my league as I was scared out of my wits watching a horror movie many moons ago. Likewise, many fellow K-drama fans prefer romantic comedies and dislike the many cliffhanger ending Korean movies tend to have. But don’t let that fool you into missing out on ‘Train To Busan‘!

Last week, I was hyped up to go to the cinemas to watch ‘Train To Busan’. Even the Malaysian movie-goer crowd was in high anticipation of the movie, I didn’t manage to secure a ticket for the opening night. No matter, as I managed to get tickets for the next day. Imagine such success for a Korean movie in Malaysia!

Although some may say that ‘Train To Busan’ is riding on the Korean wave, I just want to share my honest opinion that the movie (cast and plot) is good enough to capture the interest of the audience. The checklist goes: suspense, check; action, check; thrills, check; and a little love, check!!


In ‘Train To Busan’, heart throb Gong Yoo portrays a high-flying fund manager who is forever on his toes, leaving his daughter alone most of the time as he is divorced from his ex-wife. The story begins when his daughter, Su An, wants to take a trip to Busan alone to visit her mother. Even the busiest parent could not let an underage child travel alone on the KTX train, so the father reluctantly accompanied her.

On that fateful train ride, everything seems to be well till the moment the train starts moving… zombie apocalypse unleashed!! These zombies are an awful bunch, eating everything in their path, and I mean literally… ANYTHING!

Humanity showed its best self in this movie through some unsuspecting people, who you wouldn’t do a double take at. While some, you can’t wait to throw them to the zombies as feed…

Overall, the movie is on par with most blockbusters from Hollywood although the plot maybe a little K-drama like. Nonetheless, it was a movie I thoroughly enjoyed till the end!

Look out for appearances from Jung Yu Mi, Ma Dong Seok, Kim Ui Sung (who recently portrayed the villain in ‘W’), Choi Woo Sik and also former Wonder Girls’ member, Sohee!

Check out the trailer for ‘Train To Busan’ below! Be warned of zombies ahead!!

‘Train To Busan’ is currently showing in Malaysian cinemas, namely GSC and TGV Cinemas outlets. For showtimes, please check the respective websites.

Do make an effort to catch ‘Train To Busan’ as there are English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese subtitles, and you’ll be sure to have a great time! Just don’t be too scared to board the KTX train to Busan in real life after this!

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