Roy Kim Greets Media At ‘Roy Kim First Showcase’ Press Conference

Charming! That is the word best to describe Roy Kim as we met him for the press conference for ‘Roy Kim First Showcase‘ in Malaysia last Friday, August 26, in Kuala Lumpur. The winner of reality programme Superstar K4 appeared in front of us with his laid back style and lovely smile, capturing our interest to get to know more about his charm that has melted many fans in Malaysia.

Roy Kim in Malaysia Press Conference (1)

The press conference started with Roy greeting everyone in the studio warmly. He was thankful to see many local media representatives attending the press conference. Roy said that he enjoyed Malaysia very much and had been busy having fun from catching Pokemon around town (omo!).

The first question asked by the emcee was “When was the first time you composed a song?” Roy said he started writing songs at the age 17 for a school homework and he developed an interest on songwriting after that. When been asked what inspire him in composing a song, Roy mentioned that he gets most of the inspiration of the songs he composed from people’s stories that evolved around him including his parents’ love stories.

But although he likes to compose and started to make music as his hobby, Roy never had any thought on being a singer, not until he stood on the stage of Superstar K4. But having great talents in both song writing and singing, Roy decided to turn his hobby into his career as he finally released his solo album after winning the competition. Having his own unique identity on the album which was fully composed by himself, his debut album was a great success in South Korea and internationally.

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The emcee continued the session by asking when is the usual time of the day that he gets inspiration to write a song, and Roy Kim said that he didn’t have any specific time as his inspiration comes naturally without notice. He also mentioned that he did compose a new song the night before the press conference, in the hotel room, and promised to label the song as “Made in Malaysia” on the upcoming album if he ever released it. Well, we do hope the song makes the cut!

When asked about his favorite song out of all the songs he had composed, Roy was a bit hesitant about which song to pick as he said that all the songs he composed are like his own babies. Each of the song has their own stories for him, but for the moment, he picked the song about his dog, “Home”.

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Before wrapping up the press conference, the emcee asked Roy Kim on what is his next plan. Roy mentioned that he will be going back to Washington in few days as his semester in university will be starting soon. As a ‘Vacation Singer‘, he needs to work his best to complete his credit hours with flying colors so that he can come back to Seoul to work for his next album happily.

That wraps up the press conference and do stay tuned for more updates from ‘Roy Kim First Showcase‘.

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