[EVENT COVERAGE] Roy Kim Hypnotizes Malaysian Fans With His Charm

Roy Kim Showcase in Malaysia (3)

Roy Kim’s First Showcase held at Paradigm Mall on August 26 was a great success as fans crowded the mall to meet or catch a glimpse of the talented singer. Looks like the RoyRose fanbase in Malaysia is a huge lot!

Roy Kim Showcase in Malaysia (2)

The showcase started at 7.30p.m with Roy singing his cover of Stephanie Sun’s ‘Cloudy Day’, which was a Chinese song, followed by the hit ‘Love Love Love’. Roy Kim stopped for a while to have some ice-breaking session with his fans. He said that he didn’t expect the crowd to be very big and thanked the fans who were willing to spend their time to come to his first showcase on Malaysian soil.

Roy also mentioned that he enjoys visiting Malaysia very much. He was telling the audience that he is in love with the Malaysian dish Kangkung Sambal (goreng belacan) and how many Pokemon that he had caught while in Kuala Lumpur. We can see that he was excited about his showcase trip in Malaysia!

Roy Kim Showcase in Malaysia (1)

The showcase continued with Roy Kim singing his OST for ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Home’ and a cover of Damien Rice’s song ‘The Blower’s Daughter’. For an added bonus, Roy Kim came out to the stage again after the his last song and sang his hit song ‘Bom Bom Bom‘ (Spring, Spring, Spring). His last performance was really something to remember as most of the fans were chanting and singing along through the whole song. Roy finally said goodbye to the fans at the end of the show and promised to come back again to Malaysia with his band to have a full concert. Yes, Please do!

Roy Kim Showcase in Malaysia (4)

After showcase fully ended, the fans started to get into the line again for the ‘Photo Card Giving Session‘ with Roy Kim. For this session, fans got to see their beloved Roy Kim closer as Roy personally handed them the photo card on the stage. Despite the long queue, the session ended smoothly and successfully.

Just before the showcase started, many fans queued for the fan signing session, but unfortunately the album for fan signing pass were limited to 100 pieces only and it was sold out once the counter opened. The autograph session started once Roy Kim finished his ‘Meet & Greet‘ session with the lucky fans.

Roy Kim Showcase in Malaysia (5)

It was a great experience for us as Roy Kim was singing live with his guitar throughout his showcase. Roy’s acoustic performance sent us a different vibe that we would love to experience again. We are hoping that Roy Kim will be coming back to Malaysia for with full concert one day. We would like to give a round applause to Warner Music for this successful event and thank you for inviting us!

Check out Roy Kim’s performance during the showcase:





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