‘Show Me The Money 5’ Turns Up The Heat In Chicago

Variety show ‘Show Me The Money‘ once again made a United States tour for their international fans with this year’s ‘Show Me The Money Season 5‘, featuring the judges; Mad Clown (previous rapper contestant from SMTM2, now under Starship Entertainment) and Gil (rapper of hip hop duo Leessang). Other guests include Dok2 and The Quiett from 1llionaire Records (previous judges from SMTM3), Zion.T (singer and producer under The Black Label) and Kush (co-head of The Black Label) from YG Entertainment, and Simon Dominic (rapper and co-CEO of AOMG) and Gray (rapper, singer, and producer) from AOMG. Adding on to the final line up was semi-finalist rapper CJamm and of course, the winner of SMTM 5, rapper BeWhy!

The concert took place at 6pm on September 3 at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. Everyone waiting in line was blessed with the great weather on their side, and the crowd was looking fit and of course, blasting Korean hip-hop music.

A loyal fan made a huge banner and had the fans in line sign and write small messages on there to give to the artists, even little drawn photos of them were seen on it. Before the concert officially began, everyone who had bought the VIP package were let in early and received a free T-shirt while entering the venue, the rest were then let in a little bit later to fill up the theatre even more before the show.


While waiting, a surprise footage was played as solo R&B singer, producer, and songwriter Crush appeared on the screen for a brief moment to promote his upcoming tour. The only hint given was November 2016, which isn’t too far away, making the fans scream with joy as they are truly excited to see him in the States.

The lights finally dimmed and the fans loudly cheered as a small intro began of people drawing out SMTM and b-boying on screen to get the crowd pumped up, and introduced the first two artists of Team Mad Clown and Gil.smtm5madclown

Mad Clown came out, beginning the first SMTM 5 concert with his song “Bad Blood”. Gil then joined him from the side to perform “Rap Lesson”. They introduced themselves to the fans, took photos and hi-fived a few lucky fans.. They then performed a few Leessang songs: “Malice”, “Turn Off the TV”, and “The Girl, The Boy, Rush”.

And with an awesome team to start out the night in Chicago, it then quickly moved along to introduce Team 1llionaire on screen; Dok2 & The Quiett, with fans already putting up their 1llionaire signs. The Quiett starts out saying, “Chi-Town what’s good” and begins rapping his solo part from “Air DotheQ”. Dok2 then comes out saying, “Chi-Town what’s up?”, getting the crowd up and continued the song with his verses.

The Quiett also rapped his new released song “Me By” for the first time in the States. During their introduction Dok2 expressed his gratitude to his fans, “Thank you Chi-Town, thank you for coming out tonight, thank you for having us”. The Quiett also expresses his thanks for Chi-Town and as always beginning every song with, “If you love 1llionaire, put your 1llionaire signs up!”

They performed a few favorites like “Beverly Ills”, ”1 Life 2 Live”, “Future Flame”, “2 Chainz N Rollies”, “1llision”, and lastly, an all time favorite, “YGGR” to complete their stage.smtm5-thequiett

Team YG’s screen came on and even before they stepped up on stage you can heard how wild everyone has become, definitely the power of YG! Semi finalist CJamm came out to the stage with a bang, Definitely lighting up the stage with his charisma and rap!

CJamm first performed “Let It Be” and then introduced himself. He kept it short and simple, but definitely still chatted with the fans even though he struggled a bit with the language barrier which meant a lot for the fans as he still tried to nonetheless. He went to the side of the stage and waved but when it got too hard to understand the fans he nicely waved and replied, “I don’t know what you are saying, thank you… thank you”, earning lots of giggles and applause from the crowd for him trying nonetheless. He ended his introduction nicely and went on with the next song “Beautiful”.

Half way into the song, he throws off his shirt, gaining many loud screams from the ladies of course, revealing his multiple tattoos and showing off his toned body. His stage ended and a few staffs came out with a microphone stand, the fans instantly knew who the next artist was and even before anything happened, in total darkness, you can hear how loud the fans had already became for the only singer, Zion.T.

He came out and performed “Knock” with a small introduction in Korean and a bit of English as he starts up a conversation, making his fans crazy in love. He then continued with “Yanghwa Bridge” which was a fan favorite as everyone came out to sing the chorus with him and did some fan chants along to the song.

CJamm came back out to perform along with him during “Sinsa” and ended Team YG with the heated song “Machine Gun” which fans were truly anticipating to see. Kush finally performed along with them and had fans pumping their fists up in the air throughout the last song.


Last but not least, Team AOMG was shown on screen and Producer Gray came out and performed “Just Do it” and after his solo performance he shouted, “Simon D!”

Simon D walked out chicly with a smiled plastered onto his face, you can clearly see he loved the fans, the reaction, and just being on stage the entire night. “Simon Dominic” was yet again another fan favorite, they sang the chorus wildly and the night got even more heated after the performance was done.

He introduced himself and talked about how much he loved his Chicago fans and Chi-Town in general, one of the best fan services was given out by Simon D who got the crowd hyped up. Lastly, he performs with Gray with one of this year’s favorite SMTM track “Comfortable” and then passes the stage to the last person who everyone was waiting for, Winner of this Season’s 5 Show Me The Money, the one and only BeWhy!


BeWhy came out with a water bottle and threw it into the crowd, making the fans who sat in pit even more hyped up for the performance itself. He introduced himself shyly but boldly in English saying, “Let me introduce myself. I am BeWhy, the best rapper in Korea!” And the fans’ response was just amazing!

He performed “Forever” and “Time Goes On” for his solo stage. His kindness and interactions with the fans was just so pure. A loyal fan gave him an artwork drawn by the fan herself, expressing his endless gratitude for all the love he’s been receiving. Banners were seen saying “Today is my #DAYDAY” and “Today is my Birthday”, his response was so heartfelt with him congratulating them back. Despite the language barriers he asks the fans if they’ve heard his newest collaboration with Talib Kweli, “International Wave”, which was released 2 days ago. He also said he’ll practice more and one day he’ll be able to reach a point where can converse with fans individually, telling for them to wait for him. He also talked about his future dreams as a rapper, and awards he wanted to win and achieve on his own. “My dream is… Grammy, I’ll go Grammy, I will go Billboard”, saying right now in Korea he might not be able to, but when he learns English in the future, when he meets his fans again, they can have an “English Conversation” and then kindly told the crowd that since he is working hard on English, the fans as well can work on Korean for communication in the future.

Simon D comes back on stage to perform “XamBaqJa” with BeWhy, and afterwards expressing how hot the reactions are from Chi-Town fans. Before performing the last few songs Simon D spilled out some future plans, “Next year, we are planning to AOMG Tour, you know?! Next year AOMG Tour coming soon all right!”

With this being said, the entire theatre gave an amazing explosive response to the great news! Team AOMG then finished off the night with their last song “Who You?” and encore stage “Day Day” before ending the SMTM 5 Concert in Chicago.

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