BTS is taking on an All Kill once again!


[161023 kst!!] Inkigayo


[161025 kst!!] SBS MTV The Show

On Ocotober 23rd, 2016 kpop boy group, BTS had won with their 4th win with “Blood Sweat & Tears” on Inkigayo with a total score of 10,000! Marking 5,500 in digital sales, 500 in album sales, 3,500 in SNS, and 500 of viewers pre-voting. Going on along with October 25th, 2016, going up against Ladies Code and I.O.I for first place, BTS grabs their 5th win with “Blood Sweat & Tears” on SBS MTV The Show with a total of 8,936. Congrats  BTS!!

Check out their performance down below:


SBS MTV The Show:


On top of the that, BTS has also surpassed over 100M views on their “DOPE” MV on 1theK.

Dope” MV:

It just keeps doing better and better! Once again, Congrats BTS!!

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